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10 Features That Make a Great Photo

Most photographers have spent much effort, time and energy to find out the recipe for a truly great photo. The fact is that there is no single quality which makes for a good shot; it is a combination of factors which make for a great photograph.

Following are key features of a good photograph as trained in photography school in Delhi:

  1. Has an excellent composition

There are several rules for achieving great composition. Some of the common rules include the Rule of Thirds and Rule of Symmetry. Some not so common ones are asymmetric compositions made of leading lines, framing and object balancing. But it does not matter which rule you will follow as long as the image has solid composition.

  1. Captures emotion

All human beings are drawn to emotion. Emotion ties us together whether it is laughter or tears. Images that capture emotions and timeless moments are sure to grab the attention of the audience.

  1. Recounts a story

Some photos though lacking in great compositions may have value if they capture history. Examples are images captured in photo-journalism. For instance, the picture of protesters in Tiananmen Square or the body of a refugee child drowned while crossing the sea to seek asylum in Europe are all impactful pictures. Such images seize and freeze some of the important moments in history for posterity.

  1. Foreground

Some photos have images which could have been great but lack an arresting foreground which might capture the eye of the viewer. You will learn the importance of a great foreground in professional photography courses in Delhi.

  1. Interesting perspective

When you are standing up or walking, there is a great chance that most of what you observe is between 4 and 6 feet high. For an interesting photo, you can go in for a change in perspective; a shot captured from the angle of the ground or under a subject. Such uncommon perspectives make for great images.

  1. Leaves ideas to the imagination

Some photos are attractive because they leave details to the imagination. Such pictures permit just enough details, leaving the rest to the imagination of the audience.

  1. Captures iconic events

By iconic moments is meant moments designed or modeled after pop culture. It may be a reproduction of an image from a classic movie or a moment based on something trendy. Such shots permit the audience to get emotionally connected to the moment in the images. Thus one must be ready to capture valuable and fleeting moments. Many photographers train for years to catch the perfect moment.

  1. Symmetry

It is the quality of being made of exactly similar parts facing each other or surrounding an axis. Symmetry can play tricks on our brain and when used with creativity can provide interesting photos. Photographs of architecture often use the quality of symmetry.

  1. Lighting

It is obvious that a good photo will not be under-exposed or over-exposed. Stunning images can be created by a photographer who knows to work well with the lighting.

  1. Juxtaposing contrasting elements

A good photo might also juxtapose contrasting concepts or subjects. For instance, a bride in flowing white may be set up against the background having graffiti or trash. A homeless man photographed near the signage of Meryl Lynch portrays the contrast of poverty and wealth.

These are all features that make for great photographs.

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