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Pixel institute of Photography now introducing film-making courses in association with Australian Academy of Film & T.V.

4 Things to Develop as a Fashion Photographer

Ever been completely transfixed by the bewitching photographs that grace the pages of Vogue, Elle or Vanity Fair? Well, that’s the power of a fashion photographer. Taking the ordinary and completely transforming it into an enchanting photograph with...
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Things to Know to Select the Best Fashion Photography School

It could be that the person has developed a special interest and passion for photography and want to be in the domain of fashion. In such a case, attending the reputed fashion photography school can be a wonderful thing to consider. The well-established...
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What Are the Benefits Derived from Joining Photography Courses?

People of all ages do have some type of hobbies that they love to pursue during their leisure hours or free time. Some tend to take their hobbies very seriously and just cannot look away from it. One such hobby that is gaining immense popularity among...
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Good Photography Courses: Get to Know the Main Highlights

There are many who have a special passion for photography and choose this hobby over the others. They just love to point and shoot the image in front of them. Some people love to take wildlife pictures and others of fashion and models. A good number of...
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4 Things to Consider Before Enrolling in Photography Institute

If you love the art of photography and have decided to turn your passion into your profession, then you must be looking for top ranking photography institutes indiato learn the craft from the best of the best. Let’s face it, finding the right institute...
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Tips to Help You Become a Better Mobile Photographer

Smartphones have made our lives so much easier. There was a time when people would only keep things in their memory or they had to pay other people who would take a picture of the moment in a very labor-intensive process. If you wanted to click the picture...
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What Is Your Future as a Photographer?

Photography nowadays has become quite a thrilling and lucrative career option for many youths in India mostly because of the rise in media, fashion and advertising industry. Photography was only considered to be a hobby just a few years back by the masses,...
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What Kind of Photographer Are You?

If you have had photography as your hobby for a very long time, you must have also considered pursuing it as a profession. This way you will be able to work and earn money by doing the thing that you love. But becoming a professional photographer is not...
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