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Pixel institute of Photography now introducing film-making courses in association with Australian Academy of Film & T.V.

6 Tips to Ace in The Field of Professional Photography

We all want to be the best in what we do! However, becoming the best takes a lot of time, patience and of course a certain amount of dedication. This is true for professional photography as well. While some believe that having a natural talent for the...
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Digital Photography: Know the Different Ways to Gain Knowledge on Photography

The number of people applying for a course in digital photography is only increasing with time. The reason is because introduction of smartphones having good cameras and providing great images has only increased the passion of such people. It has rather...
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Diploma Photography Course: Tips to Develop an Amazing Career

With the field of photography being a lucrative and rewarding one, people in huge numbers have been trying to join the best and most reputed institutions that offers basic and advanced course in photography. but with intense competition in the domain,...
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Photography Courses: What are the Benefits to be Derived?

The advent of smartphone and tabs has only increased the craze for selfies and taking pictures. It is really easy to use these devices, such that a mobile phone can be found with almost every person including woman and kids. There are many who do have...
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