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Why You Should Attend Photography School

In case you are considering becoming a professional photographer, you may be wondering if it is worthwhile to attend photography school. Though it seems simple to just play with a camera and create a portfolio on your own, photography school can open up a world of possibilities for you, both professionally and creatively.

There are no short cuts to a career in photography. It needs talent and perseverance. In case, you have a flair for photography and you are unsure whether to enrol in photography school; here are a few reasons for the same:

  • Systematic learning

 When you attend photography school, it will offer you the chance to learn a wide range of skills through a systematic curriculum. You can learn valuable tricks of the trade in a step by step, organized way. Assignments of the school will need that your work can fit certain parameters. This will offer you great practice in working for clients with particular requirements.

  • Access to latest equipment and technology

Majority of well reputed photography schools feature state of art facilities such as modern equipment and computers. For instance, a photography school may feature high speed Mac computers, imaging software, large studio space and a suite of equipment from videos and workbooks to strobes and lenses.  Compare this to the facilities of developing black and whites in the dark room of your basement using a 35 mm.

  • Counselling and job placement

In case you are considering launching a career, the best place to start is often a college campus. Most photography schools feature departments of career services devoted exclusively to help you land a job after graduation. Career counsellors can prove to be invaluable for helping you create your resumes, build up a portfolio, get prepared for interviews and find chances for internships or jobs.

  • Professional feedback

The faculty of photography schools is typically experienced and expert professionals in the field. They will be willing to provide an honest and valuable critique of your work and provide suggestions for improvement. They may also offer insights into what it takes to be a successful professional and teach you the mode to get there. Though photography seems like a solo pursuit, getting feedback and help from peers and teachers is very vital for career development.

  • Wide exposure

There are different kinds of photography (product, photojournalism, portrait, editorial, landscape, architectural etc.), technical skills (studio lighting/ outdoor lighting), methods (digital/ film), formats (large, medium, 35 mm, colour, black and white) and end uses (print/ web/ multimedia). Even if you are aware of what genre of photography you should specialize in, getting exposed to various kinds of photography is vital to become a marketable and well-rounded professional. You can get such exposure in a one year diploma in photography in Delhi.

  • Creating a great portfolio

While a degree in photography is not mandatory for landing a job as a professional photographer, it is vital to have a professional portfolio. The ability to showcase top quality photos which bridge various styles will prove to potential clients and employers that you are fit for the job. Attending school of photography will offer you access to resources and equipment which can help you assemble an extraordinary portfolio.

These are some of the reasons why you should consider attending photography school in order to boost your career as a professional photographer.

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