Best Photography Institute In Delhi

Pixel institute of Photography now introducing film-making courses in association with Australian Academy of Film & T.V.

Benefits of Learning Photography From an Institute

If you are planning to become a professional photographer, you might be wondering if photography school is a good investment. While it looks easy to play around with a camera and create a portfolio of work, photography school can open a world of opportunities...
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A Great step towards better career in photography!

Thinking of painting your world with your beautiful imagination through your photographs? Want to be great photographer? Then you must be in the confusion whether to go for the photography school or not? Is it a good investment or not? Worry not! Today...
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Essential Tips for Great Wildlife Photography

Ever since the advent of digital cameras, increasing number of people have become photography enthusiasts. More of these enthusiasts are venturing into a genre reserved previously for a select few – wildlife photography. They include budding professionals...
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Top 5 things to learn about Photography

There are a lot of novel things that you will keep on discovering and learning while you embark on the path of professional photography and your skillset will definitely improve as you gain more and more experience. However, there are certain things that...
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Factors That Impact Composition of Photographs

There are many factors that affect the composition of a photograph. So what is composition? It may sound very technical, but what it means is what goes into your picture to help you express yourself about a particular subject. Good composition is a crucial...
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