1 Year Course

Pixel institute of Photography now introducing film-making courses in association with Australian Academy of Film & T.V.

One Year professional Photography Course Study Objectives

Master the World of Photography with Our Latest 1 Year Professional Course Photography is an art, only a few can master! Photography is not just a hobby or a skill to be acquired; it is a feeling that takes birth as a passion. One gets to see the world from different scenario when they indulge in photography.This is where the role of the Pixel Institute of Photography comes in. We make sure that you master each and every photography skill, get the all-rounder tag and flaunt your talent. Photography is your passion, and we work with you turn it into your ultimate skill.

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Professionalizing the arena of photography

Pixel Institute of Photography has a unique team offering their ultimate course which lasts up to 1 year. That 1 year is nothing less than a revolution, as a student gets to see the professional side of photography, achieving complete knowledge and unusual skills.

Make your career in photography

The professionals at Pixel Institute of Photography focus on providing every minute detail. They work with the respective student to pursue what they like, and ultimately turn photography into a career. A career in photography is present in different fields of fashion model shoots, portfolio shoots, wedding and event specific photography, scope in advertising and fashion industry, etc. The world of photography has a lot to offer, and we prepare you for it under our 1 year professional course.

It’s time to turn your dreams into reality!

With professional photography, you can turn your dreams into reality. From meeting new people into working for various entertainment industries, you can make it big in with us by choosing our special professional course.

Experience yourself today!

Success, fame and money are just a click away! Contact our team and the join the course today.


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Course Details:

1. Introduction to Photography (Writing with Light)
2. Anatomy of digital cameras and it’s type
3. Understanding camera settings and shooting modes
4. Types of lenses/Optics and their uses


5. Understanding Exposure triangulation (ISO, Aperture & Shutter speed)
6. Introduction to metering modes and white balance
7. Studying light direction and its behavior
8. Understanding rules of composition

9. Street and Monuments photography
10. Understanding colors and its psychology
11. Introduction to studio equipment and its accessories
12. Understanding studio light setups and key lighting methods


13. Studio portraiture shoots with flash and speedlight
14. Night photography & Light painting
15. Understanding fashion photography and its type
16. Conceptualization and planning in fashion photography


17. Shooting Catalogue, editorial and high fashion model shoots
18. Introduction to product photography
19. Product photography lighting (Strobe V/S Continuous)
20. E Commerce, lifestyle and conceptual product shoots


21. Food stylized Photography
22. Art of using and arranging props in a frame
23. Basics in film making using a DSLR
24. Learning photo editing techniques


25. Making & submission of professional photography portfolio
26. Career tips to become a professional photographer
27. Placement guidance

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