Film Making Courses

Pixel institute of Photography now introducing film-making courses in association with Australian Academy of Film & T.V.

Course Materials

Required Materials
Just a creative attitude – everything else will be provided

Optional Materials

  • Laptop
  • Any equipment e.g. camera/mike/drone etc

Required Text

  • Links to be provided for home study

The 36 Hour Film

Producing a short film in 36 hours

Description – Dreams to Screen

A practical, hands on workshop where participants work on a short film from scratch to screening.


  • Passion for film
  • 100 % on time attendance
  • Willing to work in assigned role
  • Team Player

Course Schedule

Month- 1

Pre Production Learnings

Weekend 1: Introduction to understanding different formats of Film Making , Fiction Documentary and Docudrama etc. Understanding of different genres of Film making.

Weekend 2: How to conceive and pitch an idea and concept from zero?  Writing Script, Screenplay with an understanding of  creative writing.

Weekend 3: Understanding  the meaning of  taking Shots  and Composition,  Camera movements  and  visual terminology. The visual art of storytelling.

Weekend 4:  Defining the  characteristics of a protagonist and antagonist with other artistes. Finalizing Location, Props, and Costumes with technical team.

Month -2

Production Learnings

Weekend 1: Shooting and understanding the  different compositions and camera movements, Action -Axis and Rule of Thirds, Point of Views.

Weekly 2: Introduction to Editing,  Camera setting for best recording output, Understanding different formats of Video recording and its implications.

Weekly 3 & 4: Basic lighting and sound recording for different Film Formats.

Month- 3

Post Production Learnings

Week 1: Understanding basic Editing and basic knowledge of different Editing Softwares.

Week 2: Knowledge of shots cutting and special effects for visual appeal.

Week 3: Learning the art of time and space treatment in Editing ( weaving shots and scenes for smooth story telling)

Week 4: Production assignment ( Students to make their own Short film ). Film Assessment.

All participants receive a copy of the production. Producer’s rights and Copyright remain exclusively
with Australian Academy of film & Television

All productions to be screened during an annual event.
Suitable students offered enrollment to 1 year course, working on a feature film project.
Outstanding student of the year offered a 7 day trip to Hollywood/Bollywood, working with industry

Course Information

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