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Decoding 3 Types of Photography Courses

With the pace at which photography schools are popping up these days, we will probably have more schools than students within the next 5 years. And, each school offers a number of courses which makes it quite difficult for an aspiring student to pick a course that will benefit them with the ocean of courses to choose from. So, today we will categorize photography courses in delhi ncr on the basis of the time span you need to invest for its completion. This will surely put an end to your dilemmas and help you make an informed and wise decision.

  1. 2 Month Photography course

This course is quite a short term investment for you and is best suited for those who want to pursue photography as a hobby and polish their existing skills. This is great for those who are in the capital for a holiday or work break for a couple of months and want to make the most of their time.

Curriculum of the course:

  • Photography and its history
  • Anatomy of a Digital Camera
  • Understanding Camera Settings
  • Basic Knowledge of light and its types
  • Portrait, mid length and full length shoots in a studio setting
  • Landscape, monuments and people photography
  • Dawn and Night Photography  
  • Introduction to Photoshop
  • Basic construction of a Portfolio
  • Group Discussions and Q&A round
  1. 4 Month Photography Class

This is more advanced than the previous course and will suit those who want to take the craft seriously and make baby steps towards a career in photography in the future. This is class is nether too short nor too long making it a good choice for those who want to uplift their skills from that of being hobby-worthy to that of a professional photographer on a short time span.

The curriculum of this course includes everything that is taught in the 2 month course and the following this in addition:

  • Food stylized photography
  • Arrangement and appropriate placement of props in a frame
  • Photo gallery walks
  • Understanding advanced photo editing tools such as Lightroom in addition to Photoshop
  • Making PowerPoint presentation  
  • Understanding of Advanced photography portfolio
  1. 1 Year Photography Class

This course is the most advanced coursed in photography offered by the best photography schools in delhi. This grilling course is meant to polish a rough gem into a diamond, a beginner or amateur into a true professional photographer. It not only guides but challenges an individual effectively so a brilliant artist can emerge by the end of the course.

It curriculum includes everything the other two had to offer and the following in addition to that long list:

  • Understanding tilt, pan and zooming
  • Knowing camera accessories
  • Advanced knowledge of lighting
  • Studio shoots with speed lights and flash
  • Use of reflectors
  • Understanding aesthetic theories
  • Key elements in fashion photography
  • Advanced product photography
  • Photojournalism
  • Aerial photography
  • Architecture photography
  • Event photography
  • Nature and wildlife photography
  • Making of professional portfolio
  • Career tips
  • Internship opportunities

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