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Essential Tips That Will Help in Building Your Photography Portfolio

For any photographer, it is important to have an excellent portfolio that gives others a glimpse of his work and photography skills. However, building a remarkable portfolio is not that easy and it takes time and efforts.

You can learn the photography techniques and tricks of the trade from the best school of photography in India and they can help in creating an impressive portfolio as well. But you also need to be proactive in making your portfolio outstanding.

Here’s a look at some tips that will help in making portfolio:

  • Don’t charge for shooting

You need a good portfolio to fetch clients. As a newbie, you need people and subject for photography for building the portfolio. One of the best ways of doing it is shooting for free. You are new to the field and people won’t come looking for you and pay you. You will have to look for opportunities and work for free so that your excellent work will help in fetching good clients in future.

  • Charge minimal fee

Once you have crossed that initial phase and made some name and identity for yourself, you can begin charging a minimal fee. You will find many people ready to hire you because of minimal fee charged by you. This is an excellent opportunity to build a remarkable portfolio as you are getting more and more projects. When you are done with the portfolio, you will start getting better paying projects in future. There are photographers who charge several times more then what they did in the beginning of their career.

  • Editing is the key

For being a good photographer you need to have good edit skills. When a client hires you, don’t put all the pictures you clicked in a disc and deliver them to the client. Instead try sending only excellent clicks or the pictures that you have edited. Once you become a renowned photographer few years down the line, people may judge you on the basis of work that you have done in past. And you would regret seeing imperfect pictures later on in your career.

  • Organized portfolio

You need to have a prim and proper portfolio for which you need great organizing skills. From every photography project, you need to find some best pictures which are worth being a part of your portfolio. You should save them in a separate file along with storing them in an external hard drive for backup. Also, try to keep a sub heading for type of shoots such as wedding, maternity, landscape, portraits, etc. as it helps in finding the pictures when you need them.

  • Expert feedback

It is always recommended to get an expert opinion on your portfolio so that you know if it is impressive. You can take suggestions from your mentor and implement the changes advised by them. If they suggest removing some pictures, you should do that as the mentor know better!

These tips will help in building an impeccable portfolio that will help in finding great projects.

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