Pixel institute of Photography now introducing film-making courses in association with Australian Academy of Film & T.V.
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Our Photography Courses in Colleges in Mumbai and Hyderabad

This course will give you a strong foundation of the Basics concepts of Photography and much more. This will help you get freedom from the Auto mode in your camera. You will also learn on how to see things in a much better way. Are you searching for Photography courses in Hyderabad then you’ve got definitely landed at the correct place? Pixel Institute of Photography creates permanent visual images for an exceptionally wide range of creative, technical and documentary purposes. Here student learn everything there’s to know concerning art, technique and generating creative ideas from ace photojournalist.

We style courses for those who wish to possess a career in Photography yet as for them who are amateur and amateurs. Our courses could be a combination of theory and sensible sessions and to create an in-depth information, Pixel is the only of its kind Photography School in Hyderabad that give chance to the scholars to observe throughout live events. Come and learn from the professionals. If you are beginner with a digital SLR camera and you want to take high quality digital images for personal reasons, work, or to kick start a career in photography, then this is the photography Platform for you and photographic learning experience.

Our photography colleges in Mumbai offer Professional Photography courses. Our courses are apt for people who wish to possess Short time photography course in Mumbai or as a Full time. Our courses could be a combination of theory and sensible sessions and to create an in-depth information, Pixel is the only of its kind Photography School in Mumbai that give chance to the students to perform throughout live events. With a robust stress on sensible, active shooting exercises, this course will make you feel in complete control over your digital camera equipment.

A satisfying career chance at Institute Design Innovation, Fashion Photography is the place to be and the career to choose for persons with a strong intelligence and leaning towards capture charming fashion events, personality and shows. The word Fashion evokes a powerful dose and rush of power among and once this combines with the art of photography, well it means one art combining with another artistic expression.

We offers a tailor created and exclusive course in Fashion Photography, which we are sure, would open new vistas in the aspirants’ quest for quality education and training. The information is of international standards and also the opportunities for a career are path breaking.

Special features:

  • More Practical over Theory
  • Weekly Photowalks
  • Students while not a camera can get Camera access within the institute.
  • Students will learn post-processing using Adobe Lightroom
  • Students will learn Portfolio Preparation, Facebook & Instagram Marketing.

Their workshops are concentrated, one to three days projects taking place in photogenic urban areas all over the nation with the longer ones offering more extended, hands-on photography guidance. In this way, you could be a novice or an expert; the workshops would still have something new for you.

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