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Pixel institute of Photography now introducing film-making courses in association with Australian Academy of Film & T.V.

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Photography is an art and notan educational degree that anyone can master. It is something only a few can ace. If you ask people who are passionate about photography, you will learn that it is not a mere hobby or a skill that they acquire. It is a feeling and passion for them. Photographers look at the same world from a different perspective.

If you are also one of those who are looking for grooming their photography skills, Pixel Institute is one of the best photography classes in Bangalore. We offer different types of courses such as 2- month basic course, 4- month diploma course, and the 1- year professional course.

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2-month Fundamental Course

If you are a fresher who wishes to step into the magnificent world of photography, our 2-month basic course is suitable for you. This fundamental course attracts many people as it gives a direction to your creative instincts and raw talent. The course will change your outlook towards photography and enhance your skills.

You will learn about the history of photography, the anatomy of digital camera and its types, along with types of lenses, manual and autofocusing, and learning the camera settings.

Types of shooting modes, colour temperature, types of lights, basic product shoots, outdoor photography, and basic Photoshopare what you can expect to learn during the course of the training program.

4-month Diploma Course

Our 4-month course is best for chasing your passion. It is a unique diploma course that enables students to understand different shooting modes and white balance and colour temperature. Students also learn about different types of lenses and camera movements.

Then we offer basic knowledge of lighting and key elements of fashion photography and shooting portraits along with understanding the poses/ live fashion model shoots. Basic product photography and food stylized photography is also a part of the diploma course. Making PowerPoint presentations and advance portfolios is also taught to the students during our photography workshop in Bangalore.

1-year Professional Course

Master the art of photography with our1-year professional course. This is an extensive course of photography which covers every detail that is essential for making a bright career in the field of photography. Our photography course in Bangalore takes you through the world history of photography, along with different shooting modes and camera settings.

The next step is learning about the type of lenses and camera movements like tilt, pan, and zoom along with understanding camera accessories. Then you can have an insight on knowledge of lights, studio shoot with flash/ speed light, and use of reflectors for highlighting objects.

Then we teach our students the advance product photography, food stylized photography, and photojournalism. Students can learn professional PowerPoint presentations, making professional portfolios, and exhibiting the work.

At Pixel,we strive to offer the best training courses so that different students can get their needs fulfilled and carve a shining career in the field of photography.