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Pixel institute of Photography now introducing film-making courses in association with Australian Academy of Film & T.V.

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If you have decided to make your career in professional photography, you need not only a good training course but also a good institute that can groom your skills and shape your career. There are many institutes that offer photography training courses, but you need to be careful while making the selection.

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Most of the photography classes in Chennai are registered online, and you can easily get the required information from there and then make the decision. You can explore the list of courses available and see what matches your requirements. The tutors and fee structure also play a crucial role in deciding the institute.

If you are looking for a photography college that meets all of the above requirements, Pixel is the right photography institute in Chennai for you. We offer the different courses as we understand every student has various needs, and one course can’t fit the needs of all students.

About Courses

If you don’t have any experience in photography, the basic course is appropriate for you. The basic course offered by us at Pixel spans for just 2- months wherein you can get an insight on the basics of photography along with its history. You learn to work on different types of cameras and lenses. This is one of the popular photography courses in Chennai, which is chosen by people who don’t have enough time to dedicate to extensive courses.

Then there is 4-month diploma course and the 1-Year professional certification courses that offer detailed knowledge and make you familiar with the nuances of photography. People who have enough time for an extensive course and who wish to learn every detail of this field, our 4-month and 1-year course, are suitable for them.

Role of tutors

The role of the right institute in your training can’t be undermined. When you receive proper training by expert tutors, you understand more about the lights, lenses, cameras, props, and composition. Photography is not just about clicking pictures, but it involves a lot more. Apart from clicking pictures, editing them is also important. We invite our alumni students and professional photographers to share their valuable insight and tips with the budding photographers. This helps students immensely by boosting their confidence and giving them a path to follow.

Role of equipment

For the students to learn photography thoroughly, the right equipment and studio are required. We have a state-of-the-art studio along with the latest equipment and lenses so that our students get a chance to work with latest cameras. We also have other essential props that are required for fashion and product photography.

Not just that, we also take our students for outdoor trips so that they can gain experience in outdoor shooting. Studio and natural lights are different, and students must be an expert in handling both the lights.

Whether it is portfolio making or exhibiting the work of students, we encourage, motivate, and boost the morale of our students so that they transform into confident and skilful photographers.