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Pixel institute of Photography now introducing film-making courses in association with Australian Academy of Film & T.V.

Pixel Photography Courses in Kolkata – Make Your Dream Come True

Photography is an art form that is loved by everybody. Some like to pursue it as a hobby, while others think of it as a passion. There are countless reasons as to why people love photography. However, it requires creativity and skills that can only come from formal training. People who are interested in learning the art of photography and means to practice it wouldn’t find a better place than Pixel Photography.

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We have courses designed as per the needs and requirements of the participants. If you want to specialize in a specific style of photography or gain fundamental knowledge, you will find options at Pixel Photography. Our training is holistic and aids in improving skills that are necessary for becoming a better and successful photographer.

Pixel Photography, the best photography institute in Kolkata, offers professional and highly appreciated photography courses.

If you want to take photography as a hobby, we have courses for that. People who are interested in shaping their careers around photography would highly benefit from our advanced courses.

Our Specializations

We understand that you might have your interest in a specific field of photography. Keeping that in mind, we will let you specialize in an area of your choice, be it wedding photography, e-commerce photography, or fashion photography.

Our extremely talented professionals will help you in teaching various techniques that will help you master a specific field of interest.

Perfection is essential in the photography industry. Keeping that in mind, we offer wholesome training that will make students flawless in their job.

Courses at Pixel Photography

Our photography institute in Kolkata offers various courses that can be categorized based on the time duration.

 Two-Month Course – It is the perfect course for people who want to improve their creative skills and open their minds to unique ideas. Newbies can give this course a try to learn the basics of photography. With a strong foundation, you will be able to build a better future in photography.

You will get to learn about the different types of lenses, the working mechanism of the camera, types of shooting modes, introduction to Photoshop, types of light, etc.

 Four-Month Course – Photography is definitely an art. However, it also has a technical side to it. The digital age has made it possible for cameras to create and express with the help of unique tools. There is a lot to learn about different cameras, colour balancing, editing, composition, and so on. By taking the four-month photography course in Kolkata, you will be getting in-depth training in photography.

 One-Year Course – If you are serious about taking up photography as a career, you couldn’t do better than the one-year course. During the training process, you will get to master every photography skill, making you an all-rounder. If photography is your passion, we will make it your ultimate skill. The one-year course is best to turn your dreams into reality.

Pixel Photography gives you access to a plethora of courses in photography. Let go of your comfort zone and explore the beautiful world of possibilities in the field of photography.