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Top 5 things to learn about Photography

There are a lot of novel things that you will keep on discovering and learning while you embark on the path of professional photography and your skill set will definitely improve as you gain more and more experience. However, there are certain things that one photographer needs to be adept with right from the start of their career, and we will discuss 5 such things here today.

  1. Anatomy of the Camera and Accessories that go along

A photographer’s weapon of choice and the only one is obviously a camera and there is nothing more important than to know its functions to the very core. Other than that one must know and learn to uses the accompanying tools such as lenses and filters effective with the camera to enhance its performance at a given situation.

  1. Understanding the Holy Trinity

Exposure, aperture, shutter speed & ISO form a triangle in the field of photography which is essential for every photographer to know. Exposure is the quantity of light that penetrates through the lens of a camera and reaches the film and can be controlled to make a picture brighter or dimmer. An aperture is a stop of a photography lens is a tiny opening that can be regulated to determine the amount of light entering through the lens. And, the shutter speed determines the length of time the film of the camera is exposed to the light entering.

  1. Advance knowledge of Light

Photography is truly a craft of light or rather a craft of manipulating and playing with light so if you aspire to be a photographer and a good one at that and knowledge of light is key to your success. You have to know how you use the exposure meter in different light settings. Apart from that, one must know the use of reflectors to highlight an object, photography by incorporating flash and speed light to be able to shoot even in conditions with dim lights.

  1. Aesthetic theories of Photography

There are no fixed rules in photography and one might explore it without and restraint of limits. However, a few theories have been formulated to make the craft easier for beginners. These theories basically revolve around what is appealing to the eyes so your photos have the most impact on its viewers. Some of the common theories that are taught in the best photography institute are the rule of thirds, leading lines, the rule of odds and breaking symmetry.

  1. Editing photos

Whether you want to make your portfolio or deliver your clients with impeccable photos, you need to edit your photos to make them look their best. There are a very common misconception and stigma around editing photos using modern software like Photoshop or Lightroom but what most people do not know is that editing has been around since ages. Photographers earlier used techniques within the walls of their red room to bring out the best in their images and editing is very much part of the art.

One can never possibly learn these techniques thoroughly on their own so it is absolutely necessary to enroll yourself into a reputed photography institute to learn them under proper guidance.

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