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What Are The Top Genres Of Photography?

With wide availability of digital cameras and smart phones, taking photographs has become very popular. Whether it is photos of friends on social media or huge bill boards featuring advertisements, photography has become highly versatile.

Classifying the types of photography is a really tough exercise. First confusion is to discern whata technique is and what a genre is.

Such confusions can be cleared by attending classes in the best photography academy such asPixel PhotographyInstitute. Understanding the various genres or styles of photography is vital for developing our expertise in that area and to gain an awareness of where your photos fit in.

Aerial Photography

While travelling by aeroplanes, we often love to take photos of landscapes down below. Aerial photography thus involves capturing images from above. Balloonist and photographer Gasper Felix took the first aerial photo in 1858 from a hot air balloon.

Architectural Photography

Capture an interesting colour, shape or form makes for a visually appealing photo. Thus this genre features interesting visuals of buildings. This includes both exteriors and interiors of buildings. But there are two challenges: images and lighting distortion.

You have to make the best use of natural light in such photos. Distortion creeps in when there are vertical and horizontal lines in the building.

Candid Photography

A popular genre, these photos capture spontaneous moments as they happen. The subjects are mostly not aware of the photographer. Hence they appear relaxed. A good example is wedding photography. Trick is to use a long zoom by which you are capturing natural and relaxed portraits.

Documentary Photography

This genre includes manual pictures which compose a photo-story. It is a particular story or subject which you wish to communicate. Pictures about war, science or social issues qualify for this genre.

Fashion Photography

These are usually meant for advertising or selling a product. Such photos lure customers by glamorizing the product. Typically they are visually arresting and creative and can be taken in any location like outdoors, inside studios or buildings.

Fashion photography requires advance preparation. In this genre, model, stylists, make-up artists, location and lighting are crucial elements. You should be open to ideas and brainstorming through team work.

Food Photography

Almost everyone is indulging in food photography be they professionals like restaurants or novices capturing what is on the dinner table. These kinds of photos are used by websites, bloggers or restaurants.

 One crucial factor is to use natural light. The flash is a total no-no as it might capture unwanted elements like greasy food or washed out colours.

Landscape Photography

It is a highly popular genre. It can portray scenery or show an impact of change in environment. All of us naturally love to capture a lovely landscape that we encounter. But you need to wait for the right light to capture the perfect moment. By using a tripod, you can avoid camera shake for such photos.

Photo Journalism

It resembles the documentary genre, but the difference is that moments and subjects are captured live, when they happen and communicated via the media. Examples are photos for newspapers and online news websites.

These are some of the major genres in photography.

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