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Top Tips for Excellent Portrait Photography

The key to portrait photography is to capture the personality of a person. It can be one of the most challenging types of photography. One must invest much practice and patience to capture a photo which looks natural and conveys the personality of the subject.

The best part about this genre of photography is that the perfect picture does not depend on expensive and fancy equipment like the latest cameras. Portrait photography captures some aspect of the character of the subject instead of a technically perfect composition.

Following are some tips for clicking truly engaging portrait photos:

Capture Personality

People are the focus of portrait photography. The photo you take doesn’t need to be technically brilliant, but it must capture the essence of the subject. Try to identify a quirk of the person and tell a story about her in the picture. The best way is to click when the subject is not aware of the process and thus avoid her ‘posing’ for the picture. Click a photo while getting the subject to relax for natural quality.

With digital cameras, it is possible to click away loads of photographs. Thus you can get a natural picture by relentless snapping such that subject does not put on a pose for the shots. This is tenet emphasized by photography courses in India.

Frame the Subject

Framing is a technique wherein you draw attention to one element of an image by framing it with another element of the image. Framing provides depth to an image and draws the eye to a point of interest in the image. For instance, the subject may be placed in a doorway or a window or frame his face with his hands.

 Go For a Wide Angle

When you shoot with a wide angle lens attached to your camera, you can get some memorable shots while indulging in portrait photography. Wonderful distortions can be achieved at very wide focal lengths. Such focal lengths will enlarge parts of body or face, which are on the edge of the frame and not only in the center. It can also offer a dramatic and wide open impact when your subject is in an impressive setting.

Play With Backgrounds

The main focus of your portrait is the subject or person. But sometimes, you can place them into varying contexts and against different backgrounds thus altering the mood of the shot. Sometimes, you may desire the background to be minimalistic.

Location Suiting Subject

A studio setting with a plain background is a popular option for portrait photography. It is ideal for isolating the subject and cutting away distracting background elements. If you don’t have access to a professional studio, you can set up a home studio with a moderate budget.

 But for more telling photos, you can click subjects in locations that suit their personality. Get to know your subjects, their hobbies, likes, and their favorite places. Now you can incorporate such elements in their photos.

Step Back

In case, you click a photo from too close, you will distort the face of the subject. This can be unflattering and distracting. For good portrait photos, you must move as far back as your lens permits and zoom into the subject. The further you are, the lesser will be the distractions and the more authentic will be the look of your photograph.

These are some top tips for portrait photography. You will learn such tricks of the trade in the best school of photography in India. For finding this, you must do some online research.

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