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Top Tips to Take Great Group Photos

With regard to group photo shoots, they are not restricted to a particular genre. From school events to Christmas parties and sporting events to weddings, there is much need for group shots.
But to get everyone to pose properly and avoid blinking or frowning and to get everyone fitting into the shot can be quite tricky. Here are some top tips to help in taking great group photos as recommended by professional photography institute.

Start Small

The less number of persons in the shot, the easier it is to coordinate. So if you are new at group shots, split up people into small groups to take the photos.

Be Prepared

People do not like to be kept waiting and so, you must be well prepared before clicking away. Scope out the location for your shot, consider the way of framing the shot, inform everyone to be ready for the shot and keep ready cameras which have been charged and switched on.

Decide On Location

The location of the shot is crucial. It can provide context to the photos as well as provide a background with minimal distractions. One can also experiment with outdoor locations where there is lots of space and natural light. Select a location where the group will fit.

Take Multiple Shots

In group photos, very often different people have different expressions: some smiling, some blinking, some frowning etc. It is good to keep camera in continuous shooting mode and shoot in short bursts of shots. Also, try to mix up framing of shots with a zoom lens, by taking some shots at a wide focal length and some that are framed tightly.

Get Close

You must try to get as close to the group as possible. The closer you get, the more details of the faces can be captured.

Pose the Group

In most cases, your group will pose itself much naturally. Tall persons will go to the back and small ones to the front. But, there are also other ways to pose. If the event is centred on one or two persons, keep them as focal point at the centre of the shot. Try not to make the shot too deep. Ask everyone to keep their chin up; they will be glad later on that their double chins were not captured.

Perfect Timing of Shot

Carefully pick the moment of your shot. For instance, time the shot when group members are huddling close together and there is a lull in proceedings. Also, start of event is better than later as everyone will be fresh and ready.

Lights, Lights and Lights

You must have sufficient light to get enough details of your subject. Use a flash if group is small and you can get close to shoots. On a sunny day, get the group to pose with the sun behind them or else, you will get a shot of squinting people.

Take Control and Enjoy

Do not refrain from being the director of the photo shoot by communicating well with the subjects, getting them to collaborate with you and motivating them to pose well. Also, have a good time photographing, enjoying the process and presenting a smiling face to the group. No group will be comfortable with a grumpy photographer.
These are all some top tips for taking great group photographs.

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