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What Are Top Qualities of a Great Photographer

Photography is a highly competitive career arena. Job opportunities with magazines and newspapers are highly sought after. Freelancing careers are tough to establish.

Having said that, many excel in the field of photography. They work in various fields like portrait and wedding photography, industrial, medical and scientific photography, photojournalism, advertising and fashion photography and many more.

Despite the differences, top photographers in the industry share the following skills:

High Ambition

Like other creative professions, photography is a highly competitive field. So, one needs the ambition of constant endeavour and targeting the best in order to make it.

Technical Skills

Photographers must have excellent technical skills. They must be proficient with camera operations and understand studio and exterior lighting. They must be able to use photo-editing software to conduct post-production work. Such technical skills can be developed through training programs in art or photography schools like Pixel which counts among the best photography institute in india.

Interpersonal Skills

Photographers who work in portrait, wedding and fashion photography must have good people skills. They must be able to put their subjects at ease and get the results they desire. Photographers also work closely with editors, designers and art-directors. They must collaborate with writers to create strong stories which combine editorial content with good images.

Subject Knowledge

Those who work in specialized fields must have subject knowledge. For instance, wild life photographers must know about animal behaviour while sports photographers must know the rules of the game.

Detail Orientation

An important aspect of good photography is the ability to focus on tiny details as well as the big picture. This implies catching the smallest details when required and being aware of editing out the details that do not contribute to the picture.


If you don’t have a steady hand and good hand-eye coordination, it is high time to exercise and hone such skills. Such coordination is vital for a career in photography.


This is pretty obvious. Photography is truly a creative skill. You either have it or you don’t. But there is some solace: creativity can be developed by good training from institutes like Pixel which is counted as one among best school of photography in India.

Legal Knowledge

A good photographer is familiar with copyright laws, contracts and other legal issues.

Yen for Marketing

A photographer cannot sit back and expect work to find him. He has to get his name out there and carry with him a professional portfolio to advertise what he can do.

Know-How of Networking

It is a fact that a photographer must use contacts and networks to work his way through his career. This is true, whatever be the professional level that he is working on.

Business Skills

This is a competitive profession like others. So, it is necessary to possess business skills to market one’s career and take the decisions to gain maximum returns.

These are all some of the top skills required to excel in the field of photography. Making it in this field needs not only creative and technical skills but also business and marketing acumen.

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