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What Is Your Future as a Photographer?

Photography nowadays has become quite a thrilling and lucrative career option for many youths in India mostly because of the rise in media, fashion and advertising industry. Photography was only considered to be a hobby just a few years back by the masses, but we have come quite far from that and photography has emerged in a great way.

Recently photography has become a popular career choice for people of all age groups. People are increasingly taking interest in it. If you look closely then you will realize that photography actually has parts of both science and art. It is majorly a means of expression in a very artistic form, where the pen or a paintbrush is replaced by a camera. You can learn how to master camera skills from any good photography school in Delhi. A good photographer will be able to create the best composition of any kind of subject- the beauty of the human body, a piece of machinery, a child’s smile or scenery.

It is quite rightly said that a single picture can be much more eloquent than thousands of words. Photography is actually divided into a lot of streams which provides many job opportunities. Thus photography is often able to provide vocation like no other job.

Eligibility criteria

Many schools nowadays offer photography as a vocational subject to their students in the 10+2 stage. For the full-time courses in photography, there are not any special academic requirements. Any student who has cleared their 10+2 exams is eligible to apply for certificate, diploma or professional photography courses in Delhi. If you pursue a bachelor’s degree in fine arts, you might also get photography as an optional subject.

Career scope and job prospects

In modern days, a photographer can work in a lot of avatars. Some of the most common ones are

  • Photojournalists– in this role you need to photograph any newsworthy places, people or community, sports, and political events.
  • Feature photographers– these photographers tell a story through their pictures and thus they need to have proper knowledge of their subject.
  • Commercial photographers– these people take pictures of merchandise and the interiors and exteriors of various buildings for advertising purposes.
  • Portrait and wedding photographers– they are experts in taking pictures of humans or pets individually or in small groups.
  • Advertising photographers– these photographers are connected to special ad agencies, photo studios, etc. Many of them are actually freelancers.
  • Fashion photographers– advertising agencies or fashion houses hire these people to click highly sophisticated pictures in well-equipped studios.
  • Scientific photographers– you need to have knowledge of the particular scientific field that you are planning to work in. Here you need to click various subject related pictures which are needed for scientific research.
  • Freelance photographer­– people who want to be self-employed work as freelancers.

If you want to be a great photographer you need to have some specific skills like a natural instinct, training, observation power, great degree of discipline, eye for detail and practice other than just a curious, intelligent and perceptive mind. If he is able to mingle all the details with his creative ability when capturing a picture, he will surely be great.

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