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Online Photography Courses Delhi

Learn online photography courses Delhi from the best institute in Delhi. Pixel Photography is a leading institute for Photography Courses Delhi, Photoshop Courses, Wedding Photography and much more.

Photography Masterclass Course

Photography Masterclass

  • Our course will cover diverse photography genres to cultivate a well-rounded skill set.
  • Learn everything about camera operation, settings, and adaptability to various shooting conditions.
  • Gain clarity on how to choose the right equipment on any budget and create an impressive portfolio to kickstart a successful photography career.
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Portrait & Fashion Photography Course

Portrait & Fashion Photography

  • Become a pro at capturing stunning portraits in diverse settings, using minimal equipment, and achieving excellent results.
  • Learn how to incorporate everyday items, such as boxes, chairs, and stools, creatively to make photographs more visually appealing.
  • Acquire the ability to create outstanding photographs in various domains high in demand across the industry.
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Adobe Photoshop Cc- Retouching Masterclass Course

Adobe Photoshop Retouch Masterclass

  • Enhance beauty and glamour portraits effortlessly by using time-saving techniques, yielding maximum results.
  • From converting low-res images into high-res masterpieces and leveraging AI to remove unwanted objects, learn everything.
  • Get acquainted to commercial editing, including colour correction, HDR merging, etc., to maximize retouching creativity.
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Get Certified with Professional Photography Course in Delhi

Government Certified Photography Course

Pixel Photography is a Government Certified photography institute that provides Online Photography Courses in Delhi.

  • Goverment certification
  • No cost EMI's
  • Unique Photography Course Portfolio
Still Photography Course

Still Photography

  • Acquire the skills to capture and sequence scenes expertly to convey impressive narratives through still images.
  • Get access to in-depth learning experience covering composition, lighting, camera settings, selecting camera gear, etc.
  • Learn to photograph subjects in varied scenarios, such as portraits, night photography, etc. Learn to make a professional portfolio to market your skills.
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Pixel is the
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Online Photography Courses
in Delhi

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Field Expert Faculties

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Learning is simple

Most entertaining photography video guide

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Pay Easy EMI’s, instead of making the full payment up front


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Delhi Photography Courses Top Rated institute in Delhi

Have you been looking for the best photography course in Delhi? Get ready to discover the world of online photography classes in Delhi that offer a wealth of learning opportunities that can kickstart your career as a professional photographer. From lens choices and lighting techniques to composition, editing, and colour grading, our online photography classes cover it all at our Delhi institute of Photography.

As the best institute of photography in Delhi, Pixel Institute offers a diverse range of courses that are designed to suit your preferences and future aspirations. Be it wedding photography, fashion photography, or commercial photography, you can find the photographer course in Delhi that’s right for you.

Whether you’re a beginner wanting to try your hand at digital photography or an experienced photographer seeking to refine your skills, our tutorials are designed to help you learn photography in Delhi and elevate your photography game.

You can also explore courses, online or offline, based on the photography course in Delhi fees. If you’re on a tight budget, our online photography course fees in Delhi are reasonable enough to offer the skillset you need without burning the bank.

At our institute of photography Delhi, you can browse through a plethora of courses, from mastering your DSLR camera to harnessing tools like Adobe Lightroom, Lightroom Mobile, and Photoshop. Unlike other photography colleges in Delhi, we offer short, impactful lessons and hands-on projects to polish your skills and unleash your creative potential. With a vibrant creator community to offer invaluable feedback, there won’t be anything stopping you from becoming the best.

Join the best photography institute in Delhi today to make it big as a photographer!

Frequently Asked Questions

These days, learning photography has become extremely accessible for aspirants of all levels. One Google search is all it takes to find several photography classes in Delhi with certifications from reputed institutes.

Whether you're an aspiring photographer looking to start from scratch or an experienced one aiming to refine your skills, our online Delhi photography classes offer a diverse range of options that are designed to meet a diverse range of interests and proficiency levels.

Some choose to learn from YouTube and other free resources, but if you want to take a systematic approach to learning this skill, you should take a formal course from an esteemed institute. Whether you want to capture portraits, outdoor scenes, or family moments or master Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop, you'll find plenty of good courses that can take up without having prior experience. Photography courses, especially the ones available online are usually tailored to fit your schedule, so you can learn at your own pace.

Fortunately, learning photography isn't as difficult as it used to be earlier. Earlier, you had to invest in loads of gear and acquire a lot of experience. But today, anyone can pursue photography if they own a smartphone. This means, to get enrolled at the best photography course in Delhi, you don’t really need to own a high-quality camera.

That being said, you will have to take some time and put in some effort to become a real photographer. If you take it up seriously and have the right discipline, it won’t nearly be as difficult to learn photography from scratch. You can find tons of resources on the internet in the form of courses, tips, articles, and a bunch of excellent photographers who can help you out. 

If you are really serious about it, you can take up a course from an esteemed photography institute in Delhi. If you are passionate enough, it won’t be that difficult, and you can quickly pick up the skill. Whether it's taking pictures of weddings, capturing nature's beauty, or even diving into filmmaking, finding your true passion and putting in the hours will lead you to excellent results.

Two types of photography are quite in demand – wedding photography and family & portrait photography. If you're into people and their stories, taking up online photography classes on wedding and portrait photography can be super rewarding. Weddings might come and go with the seasons, but portraits are a steady gig.

There are other paths that you can consider. There’s commercial photography that would include taking pictures of almost everything, from food to architecture. Fashion photography is another option that is well-suited for people who have a keen eye for style and fashion. However, you’ll have to enrol at a reputed institute of photography Delhi to get the training because the field is highly competitive. Some of the other photography career paths include travel, nature, and even photojournalism. In the age of social media, you could become an influencer or offer your photography services to others. The possibilities are wide open!

If you're starting from scratch, beginner online photography classes will cover all the basics. You'll learn how to use your gear, see the world with a photographer's eye, and even plan and execute your own photo projects. For those who are not new to the world of photography and looking to amp up your game in areas like wedding, portrait, or wildlife photography, you’ll find photography colleges in Delhi that offer classes are usually tailored to teach all the nitty-gritty – from the technical stuff to unleashing your creativity.Delhi Institute of Photography offers advanced photography classes that typically focus on specialised techniques, post-processing software, and creativity along with feedback and critique to help students refine their work and grow as a photographer.

However, it’s important to remember to pick the right class. Read up on it, and even chat with your instructor or fellow students before diving in – it'll make your learning experience smoother.

We've got a fantastic selection of online photography courses that cover the absolute basics. You can take your pick to build a solid foundation in photography. Even for those who have some previous experience, diving into these fundamentals can really level up your skills.

As the best photography institute in Delhi, we pay a lot of attention on designing our courses to offer the training that our students deserve.

Our instructors are top-notch, and their expertise is at your fingertips. And it's not just about the basics – there are several courses on lighting, using Adobe software, the ABCs of filmmaking, and more. These classes are perfect for anyone who wants to kickstart their photography journey and take it on a professional level.

If you are thinking of starting at a photography institute in Delhi,you can start with just your smartphone camera. But if you're ready to step it up, a solid digital camera with manual controls would be a decent upgrade. Having a mix of lenses – such as interchangeable and zoom lenses – will come in handy. When you want to learn photography in Delhi, investing is lenses is a good idea because different ones offer different functions. Zoom lenses offer flexibility, while prime lenses provide superior image quality. It’s also good to use a manual flash and a through-the-lens (TTL) kit.

If you're already packing some gear, you might need specific lenses, an external flash, tripods, and lighting gear based on the course you're diving into. It’s essential to keep in mind that photography gear can be pricey. Therefore, consider borrowing from others, purchasing second-hand, or starting with the essentials until you're sure you're all in.

Photography is the famous art that captures, manipulates, and preserves visual stories through the lens of a camera. It’s designed to seize fleeting moments, composing scenes and bringing them to life visually.

For individuals who have a knack for it, photography can be a passionate creative outlet, a promising career, or a fulfilling hobby. Modern photography courses Delhi offer diverse options of genres like portrait, landscape, street, and fashion photography. The modern era has made photography accessible to all. With various camera types, editing tools, and platforms, it’s possible for you to showcase your perspective to the world.

Photography requires a certain level of passion, and people with a creative flair are often drawn to it. If you’re someone who understands visual arts, creativity, and a carried eye that pays close attention to details, you may want to give photography a shot. If you’re worried about photography course fees in Delhi, you’ll be happy to know that there are several programs available online that can fit in your budget.

If you like to capture moments from diverse angles, appreciate aesthetics, and possess patience, you're a natural fit. Thriving in the photography industry would require critical thinking and problem-solving, traits that are necessary for taking the perfect shots. Whether aiming to become a pro or seeking to nurture a personal hobby, taking up classes to learn photography online can seriously help you understand and learn the skill systematically.

There are several topics and concepts that you will get to learn by taking up a professional Delhi photography course. Here are some of them –

  • Essential photography techniques and composition.
  • Advanced techniques like long exposure or astrophotography.
  • Digital photography and post-processing with tools like Photoshop or Lightroom.
  • Photography genres such as landscape, portrait, street, or wildlife photography.
  • Mastery of lighting, including natural, studio, and flash techniques.
  • Camera equipment insights encompass cameras, lenses, and accessories.
  • Information about photography's history, evolution, and societal impact.
  • Colour theory and its role in photography.
  • Navigating the business and marketing aspects of the photography industry.
  • Exploring ethics and legal aspects, from copyrights to model releases.

There are several benefits of pursuing online photography courses to upgrade your photography skills. Through online courses, you can improve your photography skills in the comfort of your home. There are several courses that have been designed by leading universities and industry experts to teach photography skills to people with different skill levels.

By seeking the best institute of photography in Delhi, you not only get to learn from leading professionals but also get direct feedback from them to hone your skills better. Being part of their community helps you build a solid network that can be instrumental in taking your career as a photographer forward. You can fit online classes easily into your schedule by paying a relatively lower price for the course as compared to offline sessions.

The ideal course to learn photography online for your employees will depend on their proficiency and needs. Make use of the Skills Dashboard to identify gaps, and when you do that, it will help you pinpoint the best-fit course to upskill your workforce effectively.

Choosing to pursue photography can open doors of opportunities for you. Taking professional classes from a top photography institute in Delhi will allow you to follow multiple paths, such as –

  • Wedding Photography
  • Portrait Photography
  • Event Photography
  • Food Photography
  • Advertising Photography
  • Travel Photography
  • Photojournalism
  • Sports Photography
  • So much more.

As a hobby, photography can be expensive, mainly because of the gear. However, it varies from person to person. If you are a beginner and want to learn photography online, you can start with an affordable camera and lens combo. As you continue to grow your skills, you may want to consider upgrading our equipment to something more advanced. The best thing about photography is that there’s room for flexibility in your budget.

When it comes to photography course in Delhi fees, you can explore several options. Usually, courses taught online are cheaper as compared to the classroom training options. You easily can shortlist programs based on your budget.

When you join online photography classes, you will learn that photography has seven fundamental elements –

  • Line
  • Pattern
  • Shape & Form
  • Tone
  • Texture
  • Space
  • Colour

These seven elements are crucial for creating captivating visuals in photography.

While there are no strict qualifications you need for photography, taking formal Delhi photography lessons can be a valuable asset in this competitive field. Here are a few of them you can pursue –

  • Master’s Degrees
  • Bachelor’s Degrees
  • Associate Degrees
  • Photography Certificates

The qualification you choose should depend on your career goals and the depth of knowledge you wish to seek in photography.

The fees for photography courses Delhi are quite flexible. Our online courses start at an accessible Rs. 1999, making it convenient for beginners. For those seeking an intensive classroom experience, fees range from Rs. 48,400 to Rs. 1,29,999, depending on the course duration and specialization.

Similarly, our specialized Pixel Videography course is available at Rs. 18,000. We understand the importance of accommodating various budgets while providing high-quality photography education, and that’s why we try to keep our prices as reasonable as possible without compromising our learning experience.

When you opt for a course from an esteemed photography institute in Delhi, you will be exposed to a number of opportunities. Our institute in Delhi connects you with a vibrant community of creatives, experienced mentors, and a dynamic cityscape that you can use as your personal canvas. Such an immersive environment can foster your artistic growth and provide access to a network of industry professionals.

Selecting the best from offline or online photography courses in Delhi requires careful evaluation. Here are a few factors that you need to consider –

  • Course Duration
  • Curriculum
  • Faculty Expertise
  • Available Facilities
  • Success Stories of Alumni

Other than that, you also need to see whether the course is at par with your goals. Before picking a course, ask yourself whether it provides hands-on experience, access to the latest equipment, and opportunities for real-world projects and internships.

You need to look at different aspects when you are evaluating photography courses Delhi. Start by looking into the course content to ensure it covers your desired areas of specialization. Some of the other things you need to look into are –

  • Faculty expertise
  • Industry connections
  • Existing resources like studios and editing labs

Additionally, you also need to closely see if they provide opportunities for practical experience, mentorship, and access to a thriving photography community.

There are several institutes offering photography courses, and it can be difficult to choose the right one. In order to pick the best Delhi photography course, you should start by asking for recommendations from other professionals. A simple Google search can help you with your research. Shortlist a couple of courses and institutes and read through the reviews and testimonials.

If you want to understand their teaching approach better, attend a free webinar hosted by them. You must closely assess these courses to see if they align with your creative vision and photography goals.

No, there is no age limit for pursuing offline or online photography courses at our institute in Delhi. If you are eager to learn photography, your age won’t be a restriction to seek out new skills.

Yes, upon successful completion of our photography courses Delhi, we will provide you with a certificate. Some of our certificates are government-recognized, so they hold immense value in the photography world. You can either seek jobs in photography, work as a freelancer, or start your own business with the course certificate.

The duration of photography courses in Delhi can vary from one course to another. While some courses are of three months, but most comprehensive programs typically are of around six months.

The course duration usually depends on the depth of knowledge and practical skills that are being offered to the students. When you want to learn photography online, it's essential that you pick a course that is at par with your learning goals and the level of expertise that you wish to attain after completing the course.

Online photography courses teach a lot of different skills that will help you take your photography to the next level. Some of them are –

  • Operating a camera
  • Lighting techniques
  • Post-processing & editing pictures
  • Visual storytelling

Besides these aspects, you'll also learn about photography ethics, the history of photography, and a bit of business and marketing skills. Learning these skills can benefit anybody who is eager to turn their hobby into a full-fledged career.