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These Terms and Conditions control your use of this website pixelphotography.info (Referred to as the “Website"). In these Terms and Conditions, “Pixel Institute of Photography Pvt Ltd " is referred to as the "Company," "us," or "we."

'You' refers to a user or a paying customer. If you are a company or another person who gives access to company products, you agree to take responsibility in full in case of damages or indemnification that could properly lie against the customer.

The Pixel Institute of Photography Pvt Ltd website (the 'Site'), the educational services made available through the site, and the content (the 'Products') are owned, operated, and maintained, as applicable, by Pixel Institute of Photography Pvt Ltd ('we', 'our,' 'us,' or the mutually understood abbreviation 'co.'). The Site, Products, and Content are, collectively, mutually understood abbreviations of our Company or the Company’s Product.

By using this website or its Products and Services including, but not restricted to downloading or accessing; Courses through Site; Software; You Agree and Warrant that you have read and understand agreed - for sake of Pixel Institute of Photography Pvt Ltd.

  • We require that you refrain from insulting, abusing, harassing, stalking, threatening, or otherwise infringing upon the rights of others.
  • You should not publish, post, or distribute any material or information that is defamatory, unlawful, indecent, or offensive.
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  • It's against our policy to edit HTML source code, reverse engineer or attempt to hack.
  • As a rule, please do not run any spam services/scripts or anything that could have a negative effect on the infrastructure of the site. This will only create problems for other users and make your account subject to deletion.
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  • Do not use any content which violates any legal, governmental, or network operator conditions or codes of practice.

In addition to the Terms and Conditions put forth in these Terms of Use and the Privacy Policy, Users agree and undertake not to post or transmit:

  • Please don't use any computer program such as a "scraper" or a "robot" to extract, monitor, copy or access any portion of the Website or any data or content on it.
  • To knowingly acquire or obtain any data, material, or information from the Website that has not been made intentionally available by the site by its display on the site or making it accessible through an easily visible link on the site.
  • Our website is accessed through HTTPS encryption, and we employ other measures to prevent content theft. We want you to be able to safely browse the site without having to worry about security issues.
  • Attempt to access any part of the Website, including registering for a free membership or signing up for an API feed, through any means that we have not authorized.
  • Don't interfere or attempt to interfere with the working of the Website in any way.
  • Do not do anything that can harm or interfere with our system.

To use our site, you must agree to the following terms:

  • You should not use this site in a way that breaks the law, infringes on other people's rights, abuses the terms and conditions of the website, or violates our Privacy Policy.
  • We provide content through a variety of products and services, such as email and blogs. But under no circumstances will we be liable for any change in the content that's provided on the website.
  • Users get access to our services by completing the enrolment procedure if they have an internet connection. We're not responsible for any charges that you may incur when using hardware, software, or your Internet service provider (ISP). As a user, it's your responsibility to make sure that your computer hardware is working properly and that you have adequate Internet access.
  • We'll need you to log in with your login credentials in some of the sections of the site and we reserve the right to block any user who does not follow these guidelines.
  • We'll provide you with uninterrupted access to our service, but you're under no obligation to use it.
  • If your problem is not caused by something you did or an issue in your computer and network, we're not responsible and are not obligated to solve the problem.
  • You use the Website, its services, and content, subject to these Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.
  • You are granted a non-exclusive, limited license for a period of only 6 months from the date of personal use for any online course purchased on our website.
  • The license is non-transferable.
  • The license is limited in scope by providing you access to our services, but not allowing copying or other exploitation outside the realm of permitted uses.
  • You can't copy, modify, distribute, or create derivative works from any content on the website without our permission in advance. This includes publishing it, transmitting it to others, displaying it publicly, or using it for any purpose.
  • Users are prohibited from posting any unauthorized content or non-sanctioned Marketing message. The Users also undertake not to post any irrelevant, offensive, hateful, false, misleading, or pornographic content on the Website. All the Users agree not to engage in an unlawful act while using the website and to honour any requests made by Company regarding its proprietary rights and interests.
  • When you enrol in any course that we offer on our website, you'll receive an e-certificate of completion for the course you picked. All users will be informed that they will only receive the certificate after finishing the course and submitting all assignments and tests. The company reserves the right, at its discretion, to refuse to issue the certificate if it is found that a user is violating this agreement or any other policy we have. Certificates are typically issued within 30 days of finishing your course.
  • Pixel Institute of Photography has partnered with the Media and Entertainment Skills Council, an association of the Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship, to complement our online courses. Our offline course in Still Photography is a government-certified course in association with the National Skill Development Council of India.

We value and respect the work that our users do, and we expect them to treat content on Pixel institute of photography Pvt ltd in the same way. We protect this content with copyright law. Users may not duplicate or modify any of it unless they have explicit permission from us or are contributing to an open-source project.

We take no responsibility for the content found on other sites that you may find while searching Pixel Institute of Photography Pvt Ltd products or services. Privacy policies and terms of use will dictate the material on those sites.

Pixel Institute of Photography Pvt Ltd has the right to disable or prohibit access to any user who does not respect and involves in the infringement of Pixel institute of photography Pvt ltd intellectual property.


The contents, information, and services found through the Website are available as it is, without any guarantee. The Company does not warrant that the website is suitable for a particular purpose or that content on the site is appropriate for you. You assume any risk related to the results of your following any professionals or third party throughout this site. None of our employees, agents, or authorized personnel will be liable for your auditing a professional or third party either met their satisfaction or obtained a favourable result on your behalf.

The Users are hereby advised that the Company shall strive to provide the best service. However, there is no warranty that any of this content is complete or accurate, that the service provided through the Website will be error-free or uninterrupted. In other words, please use your discretion and judgment before utilizing our services.


The Company and the Website will provide you with early termination warning if they plan to terminate your access to their services. Neither company will be liable for terminating your access before your term expires without any prior notice or compensation.

The only way out of this contract is to stop using the website. Once you end this agreement between the parties, you need to destroy all copies of any material that the company or website gave you and refrain from using it anymore.

If the company encounters multiple logins from different devices, or from different IP addresses – which it deems to be someone sharing their account with others. All subscriptions will be terminated immediately, and no refund will be granted for any unused remaining period. Appropriate action may also be taken by the company.


Any dispute that may arise between us will be settled through a two-step Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) and this agreement to use will not expire or be changed.

If a dispute arises over rights to the domain name, the original registrant and ICANN-accredited registrar will handle it under the ICANN Uniform Domain Name Dispute Resolution Policy (UDRP)

Arbitration- Both parties agree that if a dispute can't be resolved, it will go to arbitration. The language for the arbitration will be English. The seat of arbitration would be New Delhi, Delhi, India.

Both parties agree that they would like to use Indian laws and regulations. The courts in New-Delhi, Delhi have sole and exclusive jurisdiction over any dispute arising between the parties. The Users waive their defences of lack of jurisdiction or convenience of the forum.


We won't hold you liable for anything that isn't your responsibility. You will be responsible for breaching the Terms of Use and other documents we reference in the Terms of Use, as well as violating any laws or the rights of others.


Pixel Institute of Photography Pvt Ltd reserves the right to change prices. These changes will only happen if there are a variety of factors including, but not limited to, market conditions, and errors in advertisements. The price you paid at the time of purchase still holds for you.

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