4 Major Perks of Digital Camera

8th March 2023

4 Major Perks of Digital Camera

Have you ever wondered what made us elevate from our beloved film cameras that captures most of our childhoods to the modern digital cameras that adorns the hands of every well-known photographer today? Well, we are here to put your doubts to the grave and discuss the pros of the digital camera that has made it garner all the love it gets nowadays.

  1. Picture Quality

If you invest in a quality Digital Single Lens Reflex Camera popularly referred to as the DSLR camera, then you are sure to get such mesmerizing picture quality that it would feel like a sin to compare it against the traditional film cameras. DSLR’s are also better when you want to shoot subjects in motion during motion photography. DSLR’s are technologically blessed with higher resolution which makes sharper picture even when they are on large prints for exhibit which is one of the key reasons most photographers are a fan of this bad boy.

  1. No time wasted on developing

Developing not only requires skill but also has a humongous appetite for time. With digital cameras there is absolutely zero wastage of time and one can have their stills printed within minutes of taking them. Since one can see the shot, they captures immediately on the screen they have the opportunity to discard shots that are not their favourite and only print the ones they absolutely love when they are working with digital camera. However, one major issue with traditional film cameras is the fact that you can see what you have captured; good or bad, only after developing the film which results in a lot of time waste again if the photo turns out to be bad and we will not even bother to keep count of the photographer’s disappointment. Developing also requires a dark room which can be quite a process to make, or one has to depend on a lab.

  1. Storage is Plain Sailing

Even a hundred roll of film might not be enough to hold the number of photographs one little memory chip can. Hence, with the boon of digital cameras on can give up on the worry about physical space to store their films and photos without causing any damage to them.

  1. Digital Photo Prints are Multifaceted

One snap that you take on a digital camera can be transferred to your computer, laptop or phone which gives you the option to use it in a plethora of way. You can obviously choose to take prints of your photos, but you can also have them printed on anything you please be it t-shirts, coffee mugs, pillowcases, greeting card just to name a few. They also give you the option to portray your brilliance to a wide audience on various social media platforms or embed your snaps to your website to grow as a brand organically.

  1. Editing Dream

Digital camera has opened new doors to editing and some talents have turned this much controversial side of photography into a new genre of art. 


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