Directing Models: An Important Part of Fashion Photography

13th March 2023

Directing Models: An Important Part of Fashion Photography

Fashion photography as a field holds a lot of appeal for a lot of people. While there are a lot of people struggling and trying hard to become models there are people who are trying equally hard to become fashion photographers. This as a profession is quite rewarding once you have a name for yourself and hence there is quite high a competition in this line of work as well.

Well, if you are going for fashion photography then you will have to put your best food forward. You need to train yourself right for which joining one of the fashion photography schools Delhi is a must. This will help you to get the training that you need. In this process you will also have to understand something that for fashion photography a lot is riding on the model. It is your job as a photographer to bring out the best in the model and the key to that is interacting with your model right. Here are some ways which will always be beneficial when it comes to directing models:

  1. You as a fashion photographer will have a certain visual idea about what you want. You will design the set up and the lights accordingly. Now you need to understand that your model does not share or understand or is aware of what you want. So, if you want to get the best out of your model, you will have to take some time before the shooting, sit down with your model and explain the idea to them. Once you ease them into the idea, they will get a hold of it, and you will end up getting the shots that you were craving for.
  2. It is very important to not lose patience while shooting. Your model might not always be up to the mark or understand your directions properly. You as a photographer will have to understand that and be patient to the model and give them the space to play out their own interpretations.
  3. Establish a rapport with the model on the day of the shoot. Keep it professional but so much so that you can actually direct the model without making them feel uncomfortable or intimated. It is very important that the model and the photographer share a bond of trust in order to get the best shots.
  4. When directing models ask them to let themselves lose and let them go with their own flow. Music sometimes helps so you can have music playing in the studio. Make sure that both you and the model are enjoying the music. The ambience should be such so that the model feels comfortable.
  5. As a photographer you have to be very careful as to not appear dissatisfied with any shot of the model. Let them know politely that you want to try out another shot or angle or maybe a different light setting, but do not be discouraging to the models.

So, these are some of the times tested and most crucial pointers that have always helped fashion photographers to get the best out of models.


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