Get Familiar with the Tricks of Photo Editing

14th March 2023

Get Familiar with the Tricks of Photo Editing

There is much scope for photo-editing to enhance the good looks of photos. Your photos can benefit from elegant and even subtle touch-ups.

With photo-editing tools, you can texturize, sharpen or re-contextualize elements in your shots. You can pick up some valuable tips in photo-editing from photo editing course.

Here are some tricks of the trade:

  • Design your own Bokeh

Bokeh is the exotic name for some features of photos you have noticed but never really pinned down. It is the creamy, gauzy light points which appear behind the subject that is in most prominent focus in the picture. You can do some bokeh effects on your own, by using photo-editing.

  • Use your photos to make pop art

Some shots have great angles, scenes and subjects but cannot be saved from mistakes like bad lighting. One way to add value to such shots is to use Photoshop to create comic themes like pop art from the shots.

  • Transform shots to black and white

It is quite easy to convert a color image on a computer and often this is enough to rescue fuzzy, high grain shots such as concert photos. Do you desire to highlight a particular subject? Try adding a dash of color to give a unique appeal to your shot.

  • De-pixel graphics

It is a tiresome work to re-size photos. To deal with Pixelated results is just torture. A web app called as Vector Magic can convert your graphic style images into Vector art which scales clean and smooth when it is sized up and down.

  • Liven up flat images with textures

Surprisingly, perfectly fine photos may lack definition. In some cases, it is the tricks of lens and light which mar photos. Try adding texture to photos using layering techniques.

  • Create stunning and amazing HDR photos

High Dynamic Range (HDR) photos are a genre in itself and tough to pin down in a few sentences. They make darks darker and bright, brighter, giving a more realistic look to photos.

  • Smart way to sharpen images

To provide images with a crisper look needs more than depending on the feature of ‘Unsharp Mask’. The latter does have its uses, when done the right way. But there are many other ways to sharpen images.

  • Remove people

Your bane while photographing monuments and landscapes is the group of people in way of photographs. You can get around this using photo-editing. Take a complete group of images featuring same settings. Make use of photo-shop tools of stacking to remove people completely from your shots.

  • Construct panoramic shots

There is nothing deficient in your digital camera- but it cannot capture the scope and sweep of a big scene. Its small lens cannot handle such a job. But you have another option- switch to manual settings, capture a series of shots and stitch together a panorama with free software.

  • Use healing brush

The healing brush can be used to remove skin imperfections, pimples or distractions in the background.  This can be used for even sporting or landscape photos for removing the smallest distractions.

These are some of the tricks to use photo-editing tools to tweak your pictures till you get what you want.


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