Tips and Tricks for Photography for Beginners

14th March 2023

Tips and Tricks for Photography for Beginners

Photography is being seen as a whole new light over the past decade, all thanks to the bold emergence of social media. Social platforms like Instagram had such an impactful influence on us that photography has graduated from being just another hobby to a full-blown profession which pays well if you have a professional degree and knowledge from good photo editing course. Photographs have gone from amateur capturing of moments and memories to an expression of one’s artistic sensibilities. So, here are some of our tips and tricks to help to capture the most mesmerizing snaps to grace your feed with a digital camera even if you are a beginner.

  1. Lighting

Natural light is one of the best light sources for photographs. Make sure your subject is facing the light source to illuminate every detail and have crystal clear photographs without investing in fancy gears and lightings as a beginner. Avoid you subject from getting backlit unless you are trying to get silhouette shots. Also, strong afternoon lights are best avoided as they create harsh shadows in the photograph. The best time to click outdoorsy shots is the coveted golden hour which occurs just after sunrise and before sunset. This is when the light is the softest and creates the most beautiful warm glow in the photographs.

  1. Perspective

A subject can look a certain way from one angle and completely different from another angle. So, try to click as many pictures as you possibly can from different angles. You will be completely surprised with how different each shot looks and you can rest assured that you will be left with some pretty interesting shots. So, get on the ground, climb up a vantage point, move to the side and keep changing your perspective.

  1. Be steady

A steady pair of hands is absolutely essential to get pictures which has clean clear lines and details. Otherwise, you will be left with a blurry mess. Calm down and steady your hands completely before taking the shot. If you are still shaky, then make sure to rest your hands on a platform like a railing, table or wall for steadiness. But one of the most essential investments for a budding photographer is a tripod. Although it is not crazy expensive yet it will completely transform your photographs and how you take them. You can use a tripod to take stunning self-portraits and easily save up on the money you would have spent on a photographer.

  1. Get inspiration

Try to read as many books and absorb as much knowledge about photography as you can from your professors. Start to follow well known and interesting photographers on social media to get inspired by their work and learn new techniques. Build an inspiration board of photographs you love, subjects you want to click, and color palettes that catch your fancy.

  1. Experiment with your camera settings

Once you have learnt the basic rules of a camera and how to use it do not forget to experiment with your skills. The art of photography is all about exploring new ideas and bringing out emotions with your camera.


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