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10 Things That a Film-Making Course Will Teach You

8th March 2023

If you have grown up loving films and the craft of making it, then do not let that burning fire of passion die within you. If you have been told that you cannot succeed in the industry without belonging from a family of film legends, then, know you are not alone. If you have found your passion, then do not let wrong advice and others opinions dim it. Rather make efforts toward making your dream come true. And one of the first steps to make your filmmaking dream come true is through the best school of photography in India and the passion you already own. So, here are the things that a film making course from the same will teach you.

  1. They will open your eyes to the varied world of films which stretches way beyond Hollywood or Bollywood. You will learn about the different formats of film making such as fiction, non-fiction, documentary, film noir and many more.
  2. A screenplay is the backbone of a film which not only includes the script of the film but also acting instructions and scene directions. This part is easier on those who have flair in creative writing but those who do not have a blessed writing skill can rely on the course to teach it to them from scratch.
  3. The course will teach you the visual art of storytelling through the lens of a camera. It will impart the knowledge of camera movements, composition and visual terminology which is also taught in the best photography courses in India.   
  4. You will learn about axis of action which is an imaginary line defining the spatial relationships of all the elements of the scene, harmonizing them to the left and right of the shot.
  5. Point of view is an important concept in film making. There is first person point of view is subjective and shows what a character is looking at. The third person point of view presents the ongoing action from the perspective of an ideal observer. And omniscient point of view reveals what is going on in the character’s head. You will learn to alter and combine all three to create mesmerizing shots and create a profound effect on the audience.
  6. You will learn about special effects and how to make good use of it seamlessly in your film to make a potent impact on your audience.
  7. You will not only learn everything there is to about light in film making but will learn to make it your best friend and play with it to create cinematic brilliance.
  8. You will learn the importance of costumes and the way it impacts the way the audience interpret your characters.
  9. You will learn how to pick the right locations for filming and manoeuvring things like light and sound available in that particular location to your advantage.   
  10. You will get a hands-on experience to create your own short film from scratch which an opportunity of a lifetime.