4 Tips on Photography Composition

14th March 2023

4 Tips on Photography Composition

Like most forms of art, photography too does not have a set of rules that you cannot break. You can, however, improve your skills by following certain composition guidelines to make your photographs stand out from the crowd of quick snap shots which often have no thought put into them. We suggest you get enrolled in advanced photography classes to have a better knowledge of not only composition but photography as a whole. So, here are a few composition tips, which when combined with your creative thinking will give you breath-taking photographs.

  1. The Rule of Thirds

The rule of thirds is one of the simpler tips where you are supposed to divide your image or shot into three equal segments by 2 vertical and 2 horizontal lines. The most important elements of your shot are best showcased in your photograph when it is places along the lines or at the intersection of the lines. Most of us naturally tend to place the main subject of our photographs at the very middle of the photograph. However, the rule of thirds encourages you to place your subjects off centre resulting in a very appealing composition. Most professional photographers have already mastered this and can eyeball it effortlessly. But, if you are a beginner, then we suggest you try to make full use of grid mode in your camera to that divides your screen into 9 segments to perfect your shots. Rule of thirds works extremely well for landscape photography.

  1. Create symmetry by centring your composition

Yes, this is just the opposite of the rule of thirds when we are asking you to place the subject in the centre. Let us explain you how it works. Our eyes generally follow lines and you can use that to effectively draw our attention towards or away from something. When you are centring the subject in your image, try to make sure that there are lines around it, be it straight or curved, that frames the subject naturally. This will bring the viewer’s attention directly to the bold placement of the subject.

  1. Viewpoint

The viewpoint of a photograph can change the resultant photograph completely. This is a place where you get to show your individuality and creativity by shooting a subject from a completely unconventional viewpoint. Instead of clicking from the eye level, try clicking your subjects from high above or low below from different angles which are very close or very far off and you will be left with gorgeous shots. Do not be afraid to try different things when it comes to viewpoint.

  1. Background

A lot is lost in a photograph due to a busy or cluttered background. So always try to find a clearer background with as less chaos as possible that might complement with main subject of your photography. However, if nothing works, then cropping and close ups are your best bets. You can also try to isolate your subject by zooming in on the subject or going closer to the subject if that is feasible. This will give you clearer shots of the subject and works really well for portrait shots.