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6 Things You Should Know for an Awesome Fashion Photography

14th March 2023

6 Things You Should Know for an Awesome Fashion Photography

Fashion photography is all about selling a product or an idea, particularly attires and accessories of all kind and models from anywhere. The subject is often glamorized, luring customers towards the model or product. Very often, fashion photography involves team work- roping in stylists, make-up artists, and camera men and logistics members.

The key is to engage the viewer with the image making process. Here are some tips for top fashion photos as identified by the best fashion photography institute.

  • Good organizational skills:

Fashion photography must convey an essence of leadership such that you can direct the model with self-assurance and confidence. Revealing lack of direction, stress and anxiety will be reflected in the performance of your model. Hence take care to make the subject feel involved and comfortable. It is good to prepare a shot list prior to the shoot. Rehearse composition and technique for all shots in your mind. Prepare clothes, props, locations ahead of the shoot. This is to communicate your objective, posing directions and agenda in a calm and coherent manner.

  • Design the theme

Fashion photography is all about beauty and clothes. Hence pull together all the elements of the scene and model or subject in order to reflect this. For instance, if shoot focuses on clothes make sure that hair style and make-up complements the garments or vice versa. In case you want a provocative look, go in for heavy, dark make-up and hair that is over-styled. In case of a natural and innocent feel, select subdued tones of pastels, soft flowing hair styles and gentle make-up. When subject is unusual or has been styled unusually, it brings personality and interest to the piece.

  • The best poses

Posing may be a tricky aspect to handle. But for ideas, you can browse through the latest men’s and women’s magazines which will give you a few inspired solutions and also an idea of what is currently hot in the fashion world. You can make use of ‘broken down poses’ which require angular shapes of bodies and can add edginess and interest to the piece. It can also elongate body length.

  • Shooting in studios

A studio is a perfect spot to conduct a fashion shoot since photographers can easily control lighting and stabilize conditions. If you are shooting in a studio environment, note that you must meter all areas of the scene to avoid unwanted shadows. Use a separate light meter in place of one in your camera which will provide a more accurate reading.

  • Use props at home

In case, you are not able to hire a professional studio and all its pricey equipment though that is no more a problem when you have affordable Pixel’s Studio available for rent in Delhi, you can always do the shot at home. Clear up a space in your home, which features big windows, and peg a white net, sheet, or fabric across the window.

  • Use extra light source

While shooting into the sun or in low light, you may need an extra light source. In case, all you have is a flash, then instead of shooting straight on, set it to bounce off a nearby reflector, ceiling or wall. Do experiments with angles to create an array of effects and discover what works for you as well as the scene you are shooting. Take care to pay attention to undesirable shadows, which may fall across the body or face.

These are all some tips to take great fashion photographs.


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