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5 Things to Look for While renting a studio

14th March 2023

5 Things to Look for While renting a studio

Whether you are a beginner or a professional photographer, there is always a situation where you would want to shoot in a photo studio. However, the catch is studios can cost a bomb to build from scratch, and we will not even start on the effort you need to get it done. This is when the option of Photo studio for rent in Delhi comes to your rescue. Although there are not too many photo studios available for rent yet the trend is definitely picking up acceleration. So, here are the few things that you need to look for while you rent a studio.

  1. The Rent

There is a reason you are taking the studio on rent and not investing in buying one and that is budget. So, it would make no sense if these rented studios charged a bomb. Look for studios which come at a reasonable rent without compromising on quality. Anything around Rs.5000/- for a day is a good deal when offered with the right facilities.

  1. Pantograph Lighting System

Pantograph lighting system is a new age lighting technique where an installation is installed in the ceiling of the studio which has pantographs where the studio lights are placed. This completely eliminates the chaos of cables and the risk of overturning things, which is often the case in traditional standing studio lights. This lighting system is not only fuss free but also provides incredible lighting for your photographs.

  1. Elinchrom FRX 400

When it comes to portrait, product and architectural photography, one simply cannot do without the use of a quality flash unit. Elinchrom is one of the best brands that have been creating these bad boys for over 50 years now and a studio must be equipped with these if you have a demanding job at hand. The FRX 400 combines control, power, speed and versatility in one for you to get your best shots.

  1. Chroma Background and motorized paper backdrops

If you want to try innovating your photographs by changing the background of the photographs while editing them, then a chroma background is absolutely unavoidable. It is a green background which makes your job of editing your pictures after they are shot a cake walk. Paper Backdrops in a variety of colors is also extremely important if you are trying model photography so you have the choice of changing the background color to make your subject pop in the final photograph.

  1. Changing rooms and make up area

When you are booking a studio for an entire day, it is obvious that you will have quite a few outfits and looks changed for your model. This is why a changing room in absolutely essential and you must not go for a studio which does not have this facility. You should also make sure that the studio has a decent make up area with proper lighting and mirror so your models can get a flawless face of make up without any hassle.


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