13th March 2023


Photography is one of the most beautiful arts. With evolving technology and advancing cameras, the expanse of photography is getting wider and wider. Education in photography is one of the steps several people have taken to undergo a thorough learning of the skill at an academic level. One of the ways to do that is obtaining a diploma in photography from many of the reputed photography schools in India. These diploma courses prepare you to undertake numerous challenges of professional photography and teach the various aspects of photography.


You must pass a minimum 10 + 2 board examination from a recognized school board. There are also several entrance examinations. Upon receiving the results, you can go through several rounds of counselling and choose a college based on your preferences.

The one-year diploma course requires a fee of INR 5000 to 5 lacs. Upon graduating, photographers can expect a pay check of about 5 lacs per annum. Major companies like Google, Amazon, Flip kart, Traveling Lens, and Creative Vertex India LLP hire photographers with a diploma in photographers.

 The diploma includes courses on the history of photography, basics of Photoshop, printing and digital photography, photojournalism, design, and professionalism. You learn about portraits, lighting, sharpness, exposures, shutter speed and various other nuances of photography.

A broad spectrum of employment is accessible for a shutterbug. Qualified and diligent professional photos can work for style journals, creators, publicity firms, etc. The need for competent photographers is more in journals and reporting channels to document daily events. A photographer can operate independently as well.

Photographers are a vital part of the research firms like Google. Huge businesses also expect photographers to document their recent machinery and equipment. Nature photography delivers a peculiar job alternative to photographers.

The Fashion photography courses in India prepare the course takers to understand the basics of how to display clothing. Fashion photography has formulated its own set of genres in which the dresses and trends are enriched by the existence of romantic locales or decorations.

There are several resources out there in India to help you find your ground in the ever-growing world of photography. The pace of the reach of photography is changing at a rapid pace with changing technology and well- known firms going digital. With pictures acting as the most powerful medium of expression, your work can be used by several companies in their marketing process and advertising campaigns. The job is flourishing and evolving.

With the means of diploma from a good college, you set foot into this exciting world of minimal expressions and thundering impacts.