Pixel is Advance Fashion Photography Institute in Delhi

13th March 2023

Pixel is Advance Fashion Photography Institute in Delhi

We offer a perfect solution for any fashion, beauty, glamour, boudoir, family, and merchandise photography shoot. Our fashion photography institute in Delhi is one of the most affordable photo studios to hire in Delhi and offers incredible value for money. We offer a perfect answer for any fashion, beauty, glamour, boudoir, family, and product photography shoots.

Pixel is a leading best fashion Photography training Institute with its branches based in west Delhi. The Fashion Photography course is a purely practical course with tea m projects, seminars, workshops and show reel development. Individual mentorship during and after the course is also available. Pixel India has highly efficient, intelligent, and vast staff. Students are counselled to hold their own DSLR cameras throughout the training sessions; but the same is not mandatory during the initial lessons. Students are also absolved to take trainers advises on any photography equipment’s they will plan to purchase.

Pixel institute is a Best Fashion photography institute in Delhi. with branches across the country. This 11-month-long weekend certificate course in fashion photography offers a unique opportunity to photography enthusiasts and aspirants to enter the world of fashion and understand its visual culture. The primary aim of this course is to provide a pathway to aspirants from diverse backgrounds, disciplines, and age groups who are interested in fashion photography. Students are trained by well-established and award-winning photography tutors who mentor them to develop their own signature style in fashion photography.

Our team at Pixel is consistently focused on delivering good quality shoots and that too at competitive price. With all advanced lighting and studio equipment’s, we have tuned ourselves to deliver the best images in the minimum timeframe. A panel of esteemed guest lecturers help students understands the commercial aspects of fashion photography. Students are encouraged to collaborate with the academy’s fashion designers and regularly visit galleries, museums, and studios of successful working fashion photographers, as advised by mentors. Students have access to a full-fledged trendy photography science laboratory for fashion shoots.

No access to the shooting space throughout that point. Though, our studio is supplied with associate inverter, it cannot be used for studio flashlights. In case of limitation, there is nothing we could do but to wait. However, if load-shedding is continuing for more than 2 hours, we can push the shoot the next day (provided it’s not on hire) without charging any more. If you are doing not rent a studio on a daily basis, however, still need to stay the prices low, check up on few of our studio hiring options. It’ll definitely save you money, and we’ll provide you the best of the service.

Shooting during a photography studio will appear a small amount intimidating. A lot of photographers favour to shoot outdoors thanks to budget constraints and therefore the worry of moving into a studio. There are, however, some real advantages to shooting during a studio and that they apply to each new and practiced photographers. If you have not had a chance to try shooting in a studio, I highly recommend the experience.


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