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Pixel institute of Photography now introducing film-making courses in association with Australian Academy of Film & T.V.

Best Photography College in India

Photography is one of the newest trends that have hit all of us like a wave. With social media becoming a major part of our lives, everybody wants to express themselves through photography. People travel to different places without failing to upload pictures on their accounts.

Photography is, indeed, an art of storytelling. Some of us may look at it as a hobby, while others find photography to be their passion. Taking good photos may seem very exciting, but it can be a challenging task. Interestingly, there are a lot of intricacies involved in taking good photographs. Skills and creativity both go hand in hand in giving a fantastic output. Because of this reason, many people prefer taking up a photography course in India.

If you are passionate about photography and want to pursue it as a hobby or profession, Pixel Institute of Photography is here to offer you the best training. We aren’t saying it is easy to learn to take gorgeous photos, but we are surely going to make it easier and fun. If you are looking for the best photography institute in India, Pixel Institute of Photography is the ultimate answer.

You will have the perfect opportunity to learn about photography along with various skills and get to practice it at our studio. We will provide you will all the help and facilities that are needed for being a good photographer.

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If you do not want to pursue photography as a career, we have the perfect courses designed for you that will cater to the basics profoundly. With these courses, you can master the skill of photography in no time, allowing you to flaunt your skills on various platforms.

If you are a person who is really passionate about photography, our experts have meticulously designed courses that will touch every intricate aspect of photography along with enough practice opportunities to ensure that you have a flourishing career in the future.

We will also give you enough opportunities to network and build contacts with famous people from the industry to help you broaden the scope of your career.

We keep the needs and requirements of the participants in mind while designing our courses. You will also get exposure to the various styles of photography to find your passion. Our uniquely designed courses and attention to the needs of the participants have made Pixel Institute of Photography, one among the top photography colleges in India.


If you want to pursue a specific field of photography, we will give you the full liberty to do so. Be it fashion photography, wedding photography, or e-commerce photography; we have it all. Make the most of these options and fulfil your dream to learn a specialty.

Our Courses

We have three major kinds of courses based on the time duration.

  • Two-Month Course – It the perfect for those individuals who want to take up photography as a hobby.
  • Four-Month Course – It is meant to offer a slightly more detailed knowledge about photography.
  • One-Year Course – It is ideal for those candidates who want to take up photography as a profession.

Let your dreams come true with Pixel Institute of Photography by your side. Start exploring our courses today!