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Essential Tips for Great Wildlife Photography

14th March 2023

Essential Tips for Great Wildlife Photography

Ever since the advent of digital cameras, increasing number of people have become photography enthusiasts. More of these enthusiasts are venturing into a genre reserved previously for a select few – wildlife photography. They include budding professionals and serious hobbyists.

The wild is a beautiful and amazing thing. To capture the best of wildlife, you may be guided by following tips taught by photography training institute:

  • Do research

Prior to setting out and snapping pictures, you must understand your subject. It is good to be prepared for the kind of wildlife and location you will be shooting. Wildlife photography is about capturing fleeting moments. Thus, it pays to know about the subject beforehand. Knowing about your subject helps in snapping up the golden moment. You must do your homework before venturing out. It does not pay to walk into a situation where you are clueless.

  • Develop a plan

After doing research, construct a plan. You must devise a plan of action. This may include deciding the spot where you will snap pictures and the kind of animals you will be shooting. This will determine the adjustments and mode of camera you will require.

  • Understand your gear

The real action-packed moments in wildlife photography happens within 5 and 20 seconds. In case, you are not proficient in settings of camera and capacity of your selected lens, you will miss or ruin the images you are seeking.

Know the following details: shutter speed required for sharp image, added margins provided by in-lens or in-camera stabilization, the speed of toggling between focus modes and focus points and the limit to push ISO settings of camera.

  • Work the light

For shooting in the ideal light, you may have to click in early morning or in the afternoon. The mid-day light is usually harsh and robs images of the wow factor. The exception for this is a cloudy day when clouds act like a massive soft box filtering out the light evenly.

  • Patience

In case of wildlife photography, your images depend on the reality that things in nature are unpredictable. Anything can occur anytime, especially when you might not be prepared for. Hence, it is vital that you become patient. Observing your subjects, being aware of their patterns of behaviour, needs a great deal of patience. You may have to wait for several hours for the best shot.

  • Use an interesting vantage point

Do not be adamant that you will be sitting or standing while clicking pictures. It may be a tricky proposition to find the right angle. You may have to lie on your belly, or on the ground to get the shot you desire.

  • Be safe

Do not ever forget that animals you are snapping are wild. Consider a safe distance when you are around them. The guiding principle is better be safe than sorry.

  • Pack comfort items

For any wildlife photographer, a good pair of hiking boots or shoes is one of the vital pieces of gear. Your shoes need to handle all the elements like water, mud, dirt, insects, grit, rocks, etc. You should have well fittings shoes, suitable for walking long distances. Otherwise, in case you are uncomfortable, you may have to cut short your trip into the wild.

These are all some top tips for excelling in wildlife photography.


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