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Essential Tips for Taking Great Photographs

14th March 2023

Essential Tips for Taking Great Photographs

Is photography a career or a hobby for you? Do you desire to be an ace photographer? All it takes is mastering some tricks and gaining skills with experience.

The following are some tips to take great photos which can be learnt from advanced photography classes:

  • Make eye contact with a subject

In real life as well as photos, direct eye contact can be equally engaging. While taking someone’s photo, hold camera at her eye level to capture the impact of beautiful smiles and mesmerizing gazes. In case of kids, you must stoop down to their levels. This does not mean that the subject must stare at the camera but you must take the level of eye contact

  • Rule of thirds

This rule of picture composition can help you take good pictures. To use this rule, imagine 4 lines, 2 lying horizontally across the image and two verticals, thus creating 9 equal squares. In some cases, focusing on the central square will give good photos, but in majority of cases, placing the subject at one of the intersecting points of the imaginary lines, in an off-center location will result in more beautiful photographs. Typically, a picture composed based on this rule will be highly attractive.

  • Avoid camera shake

Camera blurs often plague most photographers. For this, you need to understand how to properly hold your camera; using both hands, one around the lens and one around the body, you must hold camera close to your body for support.

Also, for handheld pictures, you must surely use a shutter speed which is suitable for focal length of your lens. In case, shutter speed is too less, any inadvertent motion of the camera will result in blurry photos. The trick is to avoid shooting at a shutter speed, slower than your focal length.

  • Use plain background

A plain background exhibits and focuses on the subject you are photographing. While looking via view finder of camera, force yourself to study the area around your subject. For example, while taking photos of your toddler make sure the photo does not show poles hanging above her head or flowers dangling from her ears.

  • Use flash outside

You will notice that bright sun can create deep, ugly facial shadows. Get rid of such shadows by using the flash to throw light on the face of your subject. Even on sunny days, while taking photos of people, you must use the flash. You can choose from 2 options: full flash mode or fill flash mode. When subject is within 5 feet, use fill flash mode. Beyond 5 ft., full power mode is suitable. In case of digital camera, you can review the results via using panel for picture display.

  • Move Closer

In case your subject is smaller than a car, take one or 2 steps closer, before taking the picture.  Zoom into your subject. Your goal is to fill up the area on the photo with the subject concerned. But, within close up, revealing details like arched eyebrows or freckles may be noticeable. Also, don’t get too close, lest your picture turn out blurry.

These are some top tips to take good photographs.


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