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Factors That Impact Composition of Photographs

14th March 2023

Factors That Impact Composition of Photographs

There are many factors that affect the composition of a photograph. So, what is composition? It may sound very technical, but what it means is what goes into your picture to help you express yourself about a particular subject.

Good composition is a crucial element of good photographs, yet it cannot be defined easily. Instead of considering composition as a set of rules to follow, it can be determined by some ingredients or tools to design the whole picture. All the ingredients or tools need not be used all the time. Learn about photo composition from best photography institute in Delhi like Pixel Institute of Photography.
Here are some crucial elements of photo composition:

• Symmetry

Based on the scene, symmetry is an element which one can focus on or avoid completely. A shot with symmetry having strong composition and a good focal point can result in a striking image. However, without a strong point of interest, the picture can become a little predictable. Experiment with symmetry and asymmetry to judge what works best.

• Texture

Most images are two dimensional but with clever use of ‘texture’, they can come alive and become nearly three dimensional. Especially texture comes into play when light impacts objects in interesting angles.

 • Depth of field

The composition of an image will be drastically affected by the depth of field in which it is taken. It can isolate an object from its background or foreground. Else, it can put the same subject in context by revealing its surroundings with a bigger depth of field.

• Lines

These are crucial elements in an image. They have the prowess to draw the eye to key focal points inside a shot and to greatly affect feel of an image. Lines may be converging, vertical, horizontal, or diagonal. They impact images in different manners and so should be spotted while framing a shot. Thus, they can be utilized to strengthen it.

• Shape

A shape is formed by lines drawn when your eyes move from one subject to another in a photo. The most pleasing and familiar shapes are triangles, circles, and squares.
• Colors
In some photographs, the most important thing that stands out may be the colors. But colors can be manipulated by using photo-editing programs.

• Patterns

There are patterns all around us and all we need is to look for them. Highlighting and emphasizing these patterns can help you take striking shots. Patterns form when forms, colours, lines, and shapes repeat themselves. The key to taking the picture is to isolate the patterns from their surroundings.

• Balance

This determines how things are arranged in a picture for plain imbalance, symmetry, or asymmetry. In pictures, balance can be found through people, gardens, or architecture. Another related term is ‘visual weight’. The visual weight of an object affects how much time we spend looking at it. In case there are too many objects, your eyes will not know where to look.

• Negative space

It is the area which surrounds the main subject of your image. You must try to keep away distractions from the picture. Use photo-editing software to crop the image.
These are all some elements of composition of photographs.


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