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Top Steps for Advertising Photography

14th March 2023

Top Steps for Advertising Photography

Photography is a special art, but advertising photography has its own peculiar qualities; you can smell an aroma which is not present, feel a breeze that is not blowing and visualize yourself in a place which you have never seen before.

This is what makes advertising photography powerful. It makes you wish to be or want to do what you can only imagine: whether climbing the Himalayas or sailing around the Greek Isles.

While perusing an advertisement, your eyes will be first drawn to the image. Images are the key whether it is on a movie poster, a billboard, or a book cover. Advertising photography is a kind of photography where images and photographs are used to promote a product or service.

Advertising photography may involve photos or videos based on the marketing strategy. To learn both techniques, you can attend Photography and Videography Courses.

The following are the steps for creating advertising photography:

  • The message

A good advertisement will have a clear message to convey to your audience. Try to focus the message on what you wish to sell. Avoid promoting more than one product in one ad, as it will lead to confusion and clutter.

  • Brainstorming

Next, you have to come up with ideas on how to deliver the message. Use your creativity as there are no limits about subjects of photographs. Maybe you want a picture of a landscape or a small dog next to your product. Consider the budget with which to work.

  • Use stock photography

Once you have an idea of the kind of photograph which you wish to use, next consider exploring the resources of stock photography. By browsing stock images online, you can narrow down your choice to the ideal one for your advertising needs. Particularly if your photo subject is a common one like a little girl tasting an ice cream, it would be good to buy online stock photographs. Take note of the budget- which might range from a few dollars to a few hundred.

  • Seek professional help

In case you don’t find the right stock, photographs and are not adept in the art of photography, you can hire a professional to take photos for your advertising campaign. While selecting a professional, shop around for some time and get various bids and prices from photographers as per your budget.

  • Do some consultation

It is good to hold initial consultations with the professional photographer before beginning photo shoots. The latter will have good ideas on what images will suit your advertising message. This could help save time and money down the creative road.

  • Hold a photo shoot

 A photo shoot is a must for an advertising campaign. In case you are working with a professional, you can split the cost of the shoot. Ensure you have time, date, and place as well as models and props in place for the shoot.

  • Edit the photo

After clicking of pictures, the professional photographer may devote days or weeks to prepare photos for the advertisement. This involves tweaking and photo-shopping images for the right texture and mood.

  • Proofread

Before publicizing the advertisement, it is good to get at least 2 to 5 persons to proofread the ad thoroughly and verify whether the message is conveyed suitably.

These are all the steps to take great advertising photographs. These can be learnt at advanced photography courses in the industry.



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