Top Tips for Fashion Photography

14th March 2023

Top Tips for Fashion Photography

Fashion photography is a popular niche of photography. It mixes the idea of commerce with fine arts. Hence, every fashion photographer must have a unique vision and style.

Fashion photography may be classified as street, lifestyle, or couture, but the options are unlimited in this genre. Though every photographer may have his own distinct style, yet the following are some pointers which can help all to take good photographs:

Use Several Modes of Framing

Fashion photography is a result of full-length imagery and portraits. The crucial fact is that a great fashion photographer is always doing experiments with composition and framing. The leading idea is that the photographer is attempting to capture the attention of the viewer by highlighting jewellery attire or any accessory while shooting the model. You may desire to make use of framing like up-close portrait approach, besides full-length body image and a three-quarter crop. Framing is important because fashion is not just about attire but is about the art, story and mood of the creation. In the role of a fashion photographer, you must concentrate on clicking a series of images, which when placed together, features a cohesive and integrative rhythm and flow.

Do Proper Direction

Fashion photos must convey an element of authority, so your direction of model must be self-assured and confident. If you are stressed and lack confidence, it will impact the performance of the model. It is vital you build a rapport with the model before the shoot so that she is rested and calm.

You must organize a list of shots prior to the shoot and do a rehearsal of composition and technique for every shot in your mind. Prepare clothes, props and location, much ahead of time. For a great shoot, be sure to communicate your objectives, agenda and posing directions in a calm and coherent manner. After all, it’s all about your individual concept.

Orchestrate All Elements of Shoot

Fashion photography is all about beauty and clothes, so pull together all elements like model and backdrop for reflecting this. For instance, if shoot focuses on the attire, make sure that hair and make-up complements the garment and vice versa. For creating a seductive or provocative look, choose over styled hair and heavy make-up; on the other hand, for a natural or innocent feel, select gentle make-up, subdued pastel tones and flowing, soft hair styles. You can learn about this in detail at photography courses in Delhi.

Pay Attention to Details

One vital fact to remember while doing fashion shoots is to devote attention to details, which includes fixing elements which might go awry during shooting. These include making adjustments to the hair of the model, cleaning away make-up, wiping sweat from model’s face and adjusting wrinkled clothing. It is a fact that you can make adjustments to clothing, skin and hair in Photoshop but certain elements can be tweaked only during the shoot, on the spot.

Do Not Shy from Experimenting

The best part about fashion photography is the element of creativity. You are egged on as a fashion photographer to develop your own personal style and vision to create a mark in the photography community. You are encouraged to experiment at the very start of your career. For instance, in a studio setup, play with several kinds of lighting. In outdoor shoots, use your creativity to compose your subject against the back ground. Use props, add visual elements and select clothing which suits what image you wish to create. It is very easy to spot and recognize the work of the most successful fashion photographers.

 These are all some tips for great fashion photography.


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