Photo Studio on Rent in Delhi NCR for Your Next Photoshoot

6th July 2023

Photo Studio on Rent in Delhi NCR for Your Next Photoshoot


Transform Your Photo Shoots with the Best Rental Photography Studio in Delhi


Are you tired of the same old, ordinary photo studios that offer nothing more than a plain backdrop and generic lighting? Well, look no further Pixelphotography because we have just the solution for you! Introducing our state-of-the-art photo studio on rent in Delhi. Step into a world where creativity knows no bounds and innovation is at its peak.  Our Studio Rental for Photoshoot boasts an infrastructure that will leave you awestruck - it's like stepping into a photographer's paradise!

Pixel Studio

Wide Array of Equipment 


We understand that every concept requires specific equipment to bring it to life, which is why our Studio Rental for Photoshoot offers an extensive range of top-notch gear. From strobe and continuous lights that allow you to play with different lighting techniques, to light modifiers that help create stunning effects and enhance your subjects' beauty; we have everything covered in our Studio Rental for Photoshoot. And let's not forget about the muslin backdrops available in a variety of colors and textures – they'll add that perfect touch of elegance to your photographs. But wait, there's more to these Photography Studio on Rent!

Our Photography Studio on Rent also provides various other accessories such as reflectors, diffusers, tripods, and props – all aimed at enhancing your creative vision. So, whether you're planning a fashion shoot or capturing breathtaking portraits, our Studio on Rent for Photography in Delhi is ready to support your unique concept by providing you with the necessary equipment needed for success. 


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Strive to Meet Diverse Demands


Our team constantly strives to keep up with the ever-evolving demands of our esteemed clients and as a result, we continuously update our state-of-the-art equipment and facilities of Photo Studio on Rent in Delhi. Understanding the diverse needs of professional photographers, advertising agencies, fashion designers, and those with boundless creativity, we have meticulously developed and synchronized the latest studio equipment and facilities within our 2200 square foot space in our Photo Studio on Rent. Step into this sanctuary- Photography Studio on Rent; where centralized AC ensures your comfort while cutting-edge technological gears bring your visions to life. Welcome to a world where inspiration meets innovation – welcome to our exclusive Photo Studio on Rent in Delhi!

Studio on Rent in Delhi includes the following  Facilities-


---->>Elinchrom FRX 400 with radio triggers :  The tool offers the greatest freedom to photographers with the desired control, power, speed, and versatility, along with programmable features. 

---->>Godox SL 150 Continuous Lights : The equipment helps the photographers with a stable light resource and even illumination. The 150 powerful LED beads offer high brightness and colour rendering index. The light brightness is adjustable based on specific needs. 

---->>Softbox (Small & large) : It is a soft source of light that minimizes the harsh shadows. The walls of the Softbox are reflective for increasing the light intensity when it escapes through the front diffusion screen.

---->>Light Tripod stands : The tripod is an essential tool for any photography project. It helps in adjusting the angle, height, and size of the light stand quickly. It is much easier and lighter to transport as compared to traditional light stands. 

---->>Umbrellas : The umbrellas are a type of light modifier. This means that you might need to attach an external lighting source. They are also a type of diffuser that spreads light over a larger area. It creates a softer lighting. 

---->>Barn doors : Barndoor is a light modifier that helps in altering the light scenery on a whim. It can be mounted onto the flash and angle the four-hinged door to achieve the preferred lighting. 

---->>Color gels : The colour gels are used for colouring the light to create a specific mood, dramatic condition, and atmosphere in a photo. Combinations of colours are used for dramatically creating customized lighting conditions. 

---->>Honeycomb grid : The use of a honeycomb grid is to narrow down the spreading of light. It allows the photographers to focus as well as guide the illumination in a precise way. Photographers can avoid light spillage with the grid. 

---->>Snoots & Reflectors : Snoots help in creating focused lighting in studio photos by isolating the subject or highlighting the specific features. 

---->>Beauty dish : The tool is a lighting device that helps distribute the light towards a focal point. 

---->>Changing room for artists : Changing rooms provided in Photography Studio on Rent enable smooth photo shoots, especially the ones where different looks are involved. 

---->>Makeup & styling area with vanity Mirrors : The area helps models do their makeup and touch-ups conveniently and keep their best foot forward during the shoots. 

Standard Charges (6 Hours): Rs. 7200 + 18% GST

Additional Extra Hours- Rs. 1200 + 18% GST

---->>For bookings contact- +91 971717 4902

Why Choose Us?


We also offer a fantastic hang-out area to relax between the long shoots with our Studio Rental for Photoshoot services. Our location provides easy access to all the required amenities and significant areas of the city. You will enjoy easy access to parking, which is quintessential near a Photo Studio on Rent. You can focus on the shoots without worrying about parking. The work ambiance is something you can enjoy even while being involved in extensive shoots. Apart from the photography tools and devices, you can get access to Wi-Fi and other office amenities in these Studio Rental for Photoshoot. 

Photography Studio on Rent- Get ready to take your photography skills up several notches as this exciting opportunity awaits!

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