Photography Myths: Busted

14th March 2023

Photography Myths: Busted

Photography is a true art which comes with a few handy-dandy guidelines and rules that bring out the best in a still. However, most seasoned photographers say that these guidelines and rules are often contorted into absolute myths that float around everywhere on the internet. Most budding photographers, who are not being trained professionally or taking professional photography courses in Delhi fall prey to these myths, which have quite a negative impact on their captures. So, today we are here to bust the most common myths that surround photography.

Myth #1: If you own a camera, you are a photographer.

Truth – Photography is an art form in the truest sense of the word. It is a true blend of creative thinking and skilful execution of hard learnt techniques. While photographers have found a very efficient platform to showcase their work with the advent of social media, there has also been an unchecked growth of self-proclaimed photographers, who happen to own a DSLR camera and click photographs with no sense or knowledge of the art. You cannot be a painter if you own a few paint brushes or a racer if you own a car and neither can you be a photographer just by owning an expensive camera. So, if you are truly passionate about photography then it is imperative for you to learn the craft inside out from a reputed school of photography which trains professionals.

Myth #2: Shoot as many pictures of the subject as you can.

Truth – This is one of the most common things you will read in photography articles. However, if you keep clicking multiple average shots of the same subject then you will do nothing but increase your processing work and effort. Instead, try a few different shots from different angles to capture the subject perfectly. Set a target for yourself, say five shots of the subjects, challenge yourself to capture the best shot within those five.

Myth #3: Avoid harsh daylight and cloudy days for photography.

Truth – it is true that the “golden hour” gives you beautiful, radiant photographs but you will be pleasantly surprised with the beauty of your photographs when you take them in daylight or even cloudy days. Since, photography is not about light but about manipulating it the right way. The strong lighting when the sun is shining bright during the day gives you an opportunity to play with shadows that are casted. While cloudy days mean lower contrast and an opportunity to capture great landscape photographs.

Myth #4: Editing a photograph is cheating!

Truth- Photoshop photographs or editing them might seem like a very modern aspect of photography but it is a widespread misconception. They beauty of each photograph used to be enhanced by skilled photographers while developing them in the darkroom. Photoshop or editing photographs is just a more modern digitalized version of it and requires a hell lot of skill. A balanced and well edited photograph brings out the true beauty of the capture.


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