Tips for Finding Right Studio for Rent

14th March 2023

Tips for Finding Right Studio for Rent

Are you getting good business for photography in fashion, portrait, sports or nature genres? You may wish to expand from a home/ basement-based studio business.

Maybe you are at the juncture of garnering a steady stream of clients, but you are unsure about buying more space. Perhaps you are just curious how your business will trend with a dedicated space and professional equipment. The decision to rent a photography studio is often the perfect solution for such a scenario.

One option is casual studio renting; it does not require extra gear, monthly rent, any costs of heating/lighting/insurance. However, this option can have drawbacks in case you are not careful.

Following are some tips to hire the right studio space:

Requirements in Your Studio

Some studios feature all the gear you desire- several backdrops, professional modifiers and strobes, C-stands, etc. But some studios will provide only a heated space and electricity outlets.

Your first task before renting a space is to decide what you need. Having a list of items, you need help you in the next phase of searching for studio space. For those who are just starting out, it is recommend that you undertake some classes to become familiar with handling expensive gear that is housed in the studio space? This is not to get intimidated by studio equipment.

In case you are considering renting a studio, armed with only a camera, you must ensure the studio has all other equipment. However, in case you have and like your strobes, all you will need is a dry space with an assortment of backdrops.

Know What You Get

After you have located a studio of your choice, read through the website of the studio thoroughly and when you have doubts, just ask.  Store your e-mails that describe what you are getting and what not, with the studio. Decide when to reach the studio and they will let you tour the space before determining your date of reserving the studio.

After all, renting a studio is just a business transaction; don’t hesitate to ask what you need. Ask if a fog machine will be included? What about changing rooms? Will flashlights include remote triggers or should you bring along some of your own? In case, you require a particular modifier for lights, ensure that they can offer these.

These all seem like trivial things but they will become crucial if you make wrong assumptions. In case, the studio space has lots of daylight but lacks good draperies to cover its windows, you must be aware of this, before you bring clients to the studio.

Get Prepared

You must not assume anything. Even if all items seem to be in place, it is good to have a backup plan. What will happen if the backdrop of your chosen color gets damaged before a shoot?

You must have backups and back-up plans. You must carry extras of your own gear in whatever is practical, to serve you if you have caused the breakage (like cracking of lens). You have spent money and time on the shoot; make sure there are no issues to stall it because of lack of backup.

These are all some aspects to consider while hiring or renting a studio for your photography business.



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