Tips for Unusual Product Photography

14th March 2023

Tips for Unusual Product Photography

Majority of product photographers understand the basics of good product photos- set camera to its widest aperture, use a tripod and make use of a white or out of focus background. But unique product photos have some extra elements.

Here are a few tips to plunge into unique product photography as guided by advertising product photography course

  • Hang products:

Hanging products is not unusual but creative hanging is. You may hang products sideways, upside down or in unique locations. You can suspend it from wires and ropes which are included in the photo. Play around with props and background, take many photos and ensure lighting is proper.

  • Shoot from weird angles

Typically, photos are taken of the product with camera at same level. Mostly, you must take care while shooting from odd angles lest it distorts the product. But often you can create unique results from shooting at odd angles like hanging the product and shooting from above or beneath.

  • Attempt macro shots

Macro shots may be used in normal photo shoots. But they can be a great asset to a series of photos for sake of features like amazing poster ads or a feature page in a product catalogue. Ensure that lighting is remarkable such that tiniest details are visible.

  • Weird use of products

Brainstorm ideas about out of the box uses of the product. Take a good look at the list you have come up with and note the ideas which have maximum potential for a product shoot that is unique. For this, you may need set/ costume design as well as digital illustration/ editing. So, plan.

  • Manipulating photos

In case you don’t have skills of manipulating photos, you must hire a graphic designer. But you can use this chance to master Illustrator and Photoshop to create some amazingly unique photos of products.

  • Use creative backgrounds

Most product photos feature a plain background to focus on the product or add another image in the background. You can add interest to the photo by staging unique props and unusual backgrounds and make the product look exceedingly desirable.

  • Focus on background

Though most photographers swear by plain backgrounds to focus only on the products, but some photos can look attractive by using unique props or backgrounds.

  • Place on reflective surface

A boring photo can be rescued by using a reflection to add depth. But don’t be stuck with a mirror. Try to use lighting to enhance reflection and edit later to highlight the reflection.

  • Use unusual stands

You can add appeal to a product photo by setting it on fancy stands. Go one step further by using unusual stands. Geometric shapes, top of a head, set on hand or product turned upside down are some unusual ideas.

  • Light your backdrop

For most shots of products, you will require a clean white background which makes the object as if it is floating. For sake of a backdrop, you can buy a professional screen or use a big white sheet of paper from the craft store.

But the main thing is to ensure that light is directed at the backdrop itself. Many photographers spent time to light the product but neglect lighting the backdrop. Lighting the backdrop will make it easy to create the pure white settings and permit you to spend less time editing your final images.

These are some tips to help take excellent and unusual product photography.