Tips to Help You Become a Better Mobile Photographer

14th March 2023

Tips to Help You Become a Better Mobile Photographer

Smartphones have made our lives so much easier. There was a time when people would only keep things in their memory, or they had to pay other people who would take a picture of the moment in a very labour-intensive process. If you wanted to click the picture yourself, you would have to invest in a fancy camera and editing software for your computer and then you would have to spend some serious time and energy trying to learn how to use them.

But now the smartphones come with a great quality camera and there are various editing apps that can be downloaded which can help you turn into an expert photographer. Obviously, if you actually want to learn about photography and turn it into a profession, then you should opt for the best photography courses in Delhi. Otherwise, your smartphone might just be enough to satisfy your hobby.

Even so, clicking great pictures with your phone might not be that easy. Here are a few tips that you can keep in mind to help you click better pictures on your smartphone.

  • You should keep the gridlines of your phone’s camera on. With the help of these lines, you will be able to position the image perfectly, so that the picture looks balanced.
  • This is kind of a given, but it still needs to be mentioned. Most of the camera’s today have the ability to focus automatically, but sometimes they might focus on the wrong thing. You should manually focus on your subject to capture the best and a clear image.
  • Negative space is the part that surrounds your subject. You should take a picture with a lot of negative space. This will make the subject stand out even better.
  • Finding a different perspective can make your picture quite unique. Try clicking your pictures from different and unexpected angles. This will surely make the picture quite memorable.
  • Human eyes are drawn to reflections, so you should make use of them. Play with reflections whenever you can to turn up wonderful images.
  • Simple images can become great if there is symmetry there. The asymmetrical picture is very pleasing to the eyes.
  • Another unique way to click awesome pictures if to look out for repetitive patterns. They can also make a strong visual impact on the viewers.
  • Your picture can look magnificent with colour blocking. You must have seen pictures which are black and white except for a single subject.
  • Always try to avoid zooming in. If you can then try to go closer to the subject otherwise click it from a distance. Zooming can actually reduce the quality of the picture and make it appear grainy.

There are many other ways in which you can click great pictures. Many of the points are quite similar to the things that you will be taught in the professional photography courses in Delhi but obviously, they will be much more detailed. You can also consider investing in a mobile tripod or an extra lens that you can attach to your phone’s camera to be able to capture even better images.


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