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Top Genres of Photography

14th March 2023

Top Genres of Photography

Pictures do speak a thousand words. Imagining images, seeing results in the mind, and capturing it all on camera: this is the essence of photography. Photography is a unique and powerful way of communication and expression.

In the age of smartphone, most people are exposed to habits of capturing images. Whether it is pictures of loved ones on social media or huge billboards on a traffic intersection, photographical images attempt to tell a story.

Understanding various genres of photography is important and used in photography colleges in Delhi. Here are some top genres of photography by which we can be inspired:


A specialized and expensive genre, it aims to capture images of astronomical objects in space like stars, nebula etc. It is most popular among space researchers and scientists and its technology has advanced to include robotic photography.

Aerial Photography

In this, scenes of the earth are shot from space or from above the ground, ether via satellites or on-board airplanes or helicopters. It is popular for capturing panoramic images of the earth. Today, it is used for movie production, environmental studies, cartography (map making), surveillance and artistic studies.

Architectural Photography

In this, buildings, monuments, and structures of aesthetic value are captured on camera. However, such photography is plagued with the twin problems of image distortion and poor lighting.

Candid Photography

Moments are captured spontaneously where subjects are usually not aware of presence of photographer. Example is wedding photography. It is recommended to use long zoom to capture candid moments.

Fashion Photography

Used for selling different fashion items from attires to accessories, this kind of photography glamorizes the objects. Images are creative and visually interesting and can be taken in a studio, any building or anywhere outdoors. In this type, location, styling, make-up, and models must be coordinated.

Food Photography

It is used by restaurants, websites, and bloggers to promote food or for cookbooks and magazines. Natural light plays a crucial role as use of flash usually mars the looks of food items.

Landscape Photography

Highly popular, it tries to capture images of scenery or impact of environmental change. One has to wait for ideal lighting to capture such images of outdoors.  A tripod can be used to avoid camera shake and a long shutter speed for the perfect shot.


The photographer captures images of live events and shares it with the public. Examples are seen in newspapers, magazines, and websites. This genre involves capturing unexpected moments in planned events. The photojournalist must plan to be at the right place at the right time.

Portrait Photography

One intriguing subject for photographers is to capture moods and expressions on people’s faces. These can be close up shots. For this the photographer must ensure that face of subject is focused and sharp with particular emphasis on the eyes.

Sports Photography

This involves getting close to the action in an action packed and fast paced setting. Sporting events are best captured with long lenses and a high ISO is recommended by experts, enabling you to shoot at higher shutter speed and to get the perfect shot.

Wildlife Photography

It is challenging to capture animals in their natural habitat. You need to be most comfortable with settings of the camera and have proper technical skills so that you don’t miss the perfect moment.

These are all the main genres of the art of photography taught in top photography colleges in India. The key is to have fun while shooting. Your pictures will speak volumes, no matter what the genre.


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