Top Tips for Taking Great Wedding Photos

15th March 2023

Top Tips for Taking Great Wedding Photos

A wedding is a precious moment in the life of any person. In case you are the wedding photographer, you will have the responsibility for capturing the best moments and creating great memories for a couple.

Wedding photography is a great challenge as it is a onetime event, without any room for errors. You must pay special attention to the photography contract. Go through the fine print to prevent any glitches. You must decide on total number of photos with the groom and the bride.

Also, time is crucial factor as weddings last for only a few hours. To capture all precious moments, you must be extra diligent. Here are some tips for wedding photography which you can learn from Wedding photography training course in Delhi.

  • Arrive fully prepared

Firstly, you must arrive at the wedding venue with proper preparation. Ensure you bring plenty of memory cards, camera batteries and flash batteries. Check all the gadgets whether they are functioning properly.  Arrange for backups of photos in your lap top to prevent any data loss.

  • Don’t go it alone

It is not possible to handle all photography equipment and accessories all alone. For wedding photography, you need to have a helping hand for taking test shots, managing lighting and capturing the scenes you will possibly miss.

  • Shoot early

 Try to shoot early as the best moment to capture the groom and the bride is before they get dressed. This is the time when everything is in pristine conditions, when flowers are fresh and not wilting and nothing has any wrinkles or stains.

  • Capture interesting poses of friends and relatives

It is not only the wedded couple who will look back and cherish wedding photos; friends and relatives will also do this. Incorporate all loved ones in the shoot like grandparents and parents.

  • Know the guests

A wedding features all types of guests. These can be family, friends, colleagues, neighbours and others. As the wedding photographer, you should discuss the guest list with bride and groom, especially for identifying VIPs of the event, so you don’t miss out on vital persons. Get familiar with these guests and learn their names, so you don’t miss anyone.

  • Be invisible

During the wedding ceremony, stay out of the way of the couple and the guests. Be inconspicuous so you don’t interfere in the ceremony and do not block the view of the onlookers.

  • Capture emotional moments

You must do your best to photograph the most emotional moments of the wedding: the reaction of bride and groom when they see each other for the first time, the tears of joy of relatives and tears of sorrow of the bride as she says goodbye to her parents. Use a long lens to capture such moments.

  • Lighting is important

While shooting outdoor pictures of the couple and bridal party, you may find the best lighting from an overcast sky. This lighting is similar to the diffused, soft light of a studio soft box, which leaves out any, harsh, unflattering, distracting shadows on the subjects. When you don’t have such ideal conditions, you will be forced to work with what you have. Scan the area for some attractive locations in the shade, as a backup option.

These are all some key tips for great wedding photography.


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