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How to take better photographs

14th March 2023

How to take better photographs

Digital technology has revolutionized the field of photography. You can take hundreds of shots without much impact on the costs. But there are still some tricks to get the most out of digital photography.

Learn the tricks of the trade with digital photography classes Delhi. Here are some tips recommended by the experts:

Using Rule of Thirds

This rule helps you to take attractive pictures by making use of one effective rule of composition. The Rule of thirds is a vital composition secret.

 To use this rule, imagine four lines. Two of these must lie horizontally across the image. Two will lie vertically and together all these create nine even squares. Certain images look good with focal point located in center square.

But more aesthetically composed photographs are created by placing subject off-center at one of the intersecting points of the imaginary lines. The eyes tend to wander on the frame when photo is taken using the rule of thirds. Photos adhering to this rule are pleasing and interesting.

Avoid Shaky Camera

Blur or camera shake is something which can mar the work of any photographer, but there are methods to avoid it.

Firstly, learn how to properly hold the camera. Use both hands, one around the body and one around the lens. Hold the camera close to your body for sake of support.

For hand held shooting, make sure that you are using a shutter speed which is suitable for focal length of your lens. In case, shutter speed is too slow, any inadvertent motion of the camera will cause blurring of your complete photograph. To minimize this problem, you must not shoot at a shutter speed which is slower compared to focal length. Wherever possible, use a monopod or tripod.

Use Exposure Triangle

To take the best quality photograph, you need to master the three elements: ISO, Shutter speed and Aperture. You must understand the relationship between these 3 controls. When you adjust them, you have to consider at least one of the others, to get desired results.

An auto mode can take care of these controls but you will have to pay the price of photos not looking like what you desired and often disappointing.

Use Polarizing Filter

In case you are buying a filter, ensure that it is a polarizer. The type of polarizer recommended by experts is the circular one since these permit your camera to make use of metering via TTL (Through the Lens) like auto-exposure.

This filter helps to reduce reflections from glass, metal or water. It enhances color of foliage and sky and makes for amazing photographs. All this is done while protecting your lens. Consider leaving it on for all your shoots.

Endow Sense of Depth

Particularly while taking photos of landscapes, it helps to create a sense of depth i.e., to slip totally into the shoes of the viewer of the landscape.

 Use a wide angled lens for capturing a panoramic view and a small aperture to keep sharp the background and foreground. Placing a person or object in the foreground provides a sense of scale and emphasizes how far the distance is. If possible, use a tripod since a small aperture typically needs a slow shutter speed.

These are all some valuable tips to help you take great digital photographs.



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